Spagetti Squash… That’s whats for dinner!

30 Sep

Last week I made a spaghetti squash dish for dinner one night and have gotten a lot of people asking for the recipe! I’ve made the dish with a friend before but never on my own so it was a bit nerve wrecking seeing as 1) I don’t normally cook and 2) I’ve never made spaghetti squash on my own before, but it actually turned out REALLY good and my whole family loved it!

Here’s what you’ll need:

-Spagetti Squash


-Shredded Cheese

-Sour Cream



1) Put 4-6 slits into the spaghetti squash and microwave for 8-10 minutes or until soft.

2) While the spaghetti squash is heating up, put about half a bag / container of spinach into a mixing bowl. Add roughly a half of cup of shredded cheese, 1/3 of a cup of sour cream and a whole onion diced.

3) Once the spaghetti squash is done in the microwave, remove and cut in half (CAUTION: it will be extremely hot!).


4) Trash the seeds than shred all spaghetti out of spaghetti squash and add to the mixing bowl.

5) Mix all ingredients together.


6) Move mixture to oven safe dish, sprinkle a layer of shredded cheese on top, and bake at 400 degrees for 20-30 minutes.



This dish was a lot better than I thought and it’s so healthy (sans the sour cream…). When I made this with my friend a few weeks ago we added in tofu seasoned with curry, cumin, pepper, and a bit of cayenne pepper. That was delicious as well but I decided not to add it when I cooked this dish last week. You can also add chicken or other types of protein to this dish as well!

Both my parents went back for seconds AND my Dad made a comment saying, “soooooo, when can you make this again?” I have a feeling I will be cooking this dish again in the very near future!

Motivational Monday

29 Sep


I would highly agree with this! The best way for me to get rid of a bad mood is to go out and have a great workout! Sweat it out and start over! Happy Monday!

10 Things That Make me Happy

23 Sep

photo 1

1. Spending time with my family!

I am very much a family person and our family is pretty close. Some of my favorite times with my family are when we are playing board games together or telling classic corny jokes at the dinner table! My favorite!

2. Trying new foods

photo 4

… and even better cooking new foods makes me so happy! Being a vegetarian it’s sometimes hard to find and cook ‘new meals’ but lately I have been all over cooking! A few nights ago I helped a friend make spaghetti squash and last night I cooked a tofu dish for my family! I’ve never been much of a cook but I’m trying to be healthier these days and love the thought of cooking from scratch instead of micro meals.

3. A good night in with friends

I enjoy the occasional night out but as of lately I have really just liked being a home body chilling with friends while watching movies. Especially love it in the winter when we can have a fire going as well and a nice glass of wine to enjoy!

4. Accomplishing running goals

Minor goals… Long term goals… any goals… if I accomplish any running goal I am so proud of myself!

5. A good book

I don’t read as much as I’d like to but I highly enjoy soaking up the warm weather outside in the spring getting pulled into a good book.

6. The Holidays

The music, the decorations, the snow… who doesn’t like the holidays?!?!

7. Walking

Don’t get me wrong, I love my runs too but sometimes a nice stroll in beautiful weather is just what you need to relax and take everything in.

8. Blogging

It makes me happy that I am able to share my fitness experience with others and get the feedback from them that I do. This makes me extremely happy!

9. Traveling


I took the month of May to travel to New Zealand & Australia and realized that I just want to travel forever! How great would that be? So many places in the world that I would love to go to… it will happen one day! I am sure of it!

10. New running outfits

I mean really… who doesn’t get excited about new running gear?!?!

Repost with TEN things that make you extremely happy and comment below saying you did!

Women’s Rock Medal is in!!

17 Sep

I received this in the mail last week and couldn’t wait to hang it up on my running wall!



I was also super stoked to be able to scratch off Minnesota off my map! The map rocks! It shows all 50 states and than as you scratch them off it reveals highway streets underneath! A friend of mine got it for me a few years ago and it’s one of the best running gifts I’ve gotten!


SPARKcon, Raleigh’s Festival of Creativity

16 Sep

Best wishes to my Dad today! Happy Birthday, Dad!!!


My brothers birthday was on Saturday and my sister and I decided to take him out to celebrate at a surprise location. We decided to take him to a local art festival which had some science stuff as well which is what we thought he would like.


The first thing we noticed was all the sidewalk chalk art! AMAZING!!!! Here are some of my favorites!

photo 1

All the artwork was truly amazing! They also had tents with vendors and homemade snacks. We skipped the snacks to find lunch at a place called Cala Vela which specializes in making empanadas. It was delicious! I had two empanadas that had beans and cheese and sweet potatoes. Who would have thought to put sweet potatoes in empanadas?!?!

At one of the tents set up you could write down a significant event that happened in Raleigh and than pin it on this huge map. You could even write personal messages so I wrote one for my brother and had him post it on the map where we were for the festival.


I think my brother had a great day and it was definitely a good time to spend together!



Motivational Monday

15 Sep


Saturday Shout Outs!!!

13 Sep

First and foremost, please help me wish my brother a very Happy Birthday today! My parents are on vacation for the next week and a half so my sister and I are surprising him by taking him someplace today! He has no idea where we are going but he is excited which makes it all so much better! His birthday details up on the blog in the next couple of days so watch out!


I’m also SUPER excited for tomorrow since my running buddies mom (through I Run 4) is doing her very first 5K!! How exciting!!!

I heard about this organization, I run 4, about a year ago where they pair runners with children and adults who have disabilities that sometimes hold them back from being active or doing everyday things. I was paired about seven months ago with a little girl named Sara who is so amazing! Through Facebook I get to communicate with her and her family a few times a week on her progress and I share with them my training and races that I run for her.

When I logged into Facebook last night I found they had posted this for me!


 They even wrote ‘Rachel Runs 4 Sara” at the bottom! Everyone send them some good luck thoughts tomorrow morning as they run their first 5k!


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