Motivational Monday

20 Oct


I’ve always been a fan of this quote. I think everyone should keep this in mind when meeting other people. Happy Monday!

Selfie Sunday

19 Oct

There are a lot of things I do to get ready for a run… stretch, plan my route, get my garmin set up, etc. One of the things I never forget is my phone. Why? To take selfies of course! I’m a bit ashamed that I am part of this generation where selfies are the norm. You don’t think twice if you see people taking selfies anywhere… that’s how you know you are part of this generation.


In almost every run I take I end up taking a selfie whether it’s during a race or on a training run. Most of my photos that I post are happy faces expressing my joy in finishing my run or race like these…


Than there are always those selfies where I am exhausted, lost (yes, lost during a race), or scared to run in the dark (during my first night run).

Fotor01019114958While looking back at photos I have found that I take A LOT of selfies! Does this problem just effect me or are there others out there who are obsessed with selfies while working out?

Homemade Cherry Almond Ice Cream!

17 Oct

Last month I went to a book sale in town where all their used books were $1!!! I am currently trying to GET RID of things in my house but I couldn’t by pass this opportunity! I ended up only finding two books, which was good because I don’t need anymore books in my house but I’m proud to say that I have gotten good use out of my new cookbook!


I bought a ice cream cook book that looked amazing and everything looked pretty simple to make. Since my brothers birthday was just a few days away I told him to pick a recipe and we could make ice cream for his birthday! He chose to make Cherry Almond Ice Cream which turned out delicious!

Here’s what you need:

-2/3 cup of milk (we used almond milk but whole milk works as well)

-2/3 cup of ground almonds

-1 egg & 1 extra yolk

-1/2 cup of superfine sugar

-2-3 droops of almond extract

-1 lb. of red cherries, pitted OR 1 lb. jar of cherry compote (we just used red cherries)

-1/4 cup of silvered almonds

-2/3 cup heavy or whipping cream

1) Pour the milk into a small saucepan & stir in the ground almonds. Bring to a boil & than set aside. 


2) Put the egg & the extra yolk into a heatproof bowl with the sugar, and beat until pale & think. Pour in the milk & almond mixture. Place the bowl over a pan of gently simmering water and stir until thick. Stir in the almond extract and let cool. 

3) Put the cherries into a food processor or blender & process to a puree, then stir them into the custard. 

We used a blender & it worked to puree the cherries just fine!


4) Toss the silvered almonds in a heavy pan over low heat to toast them. Let cool. 

5) Place the cherry mixture in an ice cream maker and pour in the cream. Churn and freeze. Mix in the toasted almonds. 


6) Serve & Enjoy!


This wasn’t all too hard to make and it actually turned out much better than I expected! I’m not a huge fan of cherry ice cream or almonds in my ice cream but I have to say it was pretty delicious!

Three Things Thursday

16 Oct

I’ve been a bit busy this week so here an update on some things I’m excited about this month!

1) October Goals Update

At the beginning of the month I posted a few goals I had for the month (HERE). My biggest goals this month is to stay away from unhealthy foods that I usually reach for; soda (specifically diet coke), chips, and ice cream. I have to say this is going well so far. I’m quite embarrassed to say that I broke the no chips streak at 2 days… oops! It was an honest mistake though! A friend of mine took me out to dinner one night at a mexican restaurant that give you a basket of chips and salsa before your meal. I didn’t think about it and just started eating them. It wasn’t until the end of the meal when we were paying that I realized what I had done. SINCE than I haven’t touched chips!

2) Eating Healthy

I’ve tried really hard lately to eat healthier. Just yesterday someone said to me, “You eat so healthy!” which made me feel great but I have a long way to go. I have always been the type of person to skip breakfast, Yes, the best meal of the day, so I’m trying to eat something healthy and filling for breakfast to get my day started on the right track. I’ve also been cooking a lot more lately! The spaghetti squash recipe was a huge hit when I shared it so keep an eye out for more recipes to come!

5) It’s Hockey Season!

I am so excited that it is hockey season! Ice Hockey is my favorite sport and, though our local team isn’t the BEST team out there, it’s still a great deal of fun to watch! My best friend from high school invited me to go watch a game with her last week. Our team lost but it was still awesome to catch up with her!

Motivational Monday

6 Oct

f99c20ea74c0534c220132e49be6ae3fI strongly agree with this! Not just when it comes to fitness but with everything in life. I know I’ve gone way too many morning waking up on the wrong side of the bed and had it ruin my whole day. I try and think positive when I wake up now and not let the little things get to me! Happy Monday!

October Goals!

4 Oct

The weather is getting cooler outside, the fall colors are coming in and that means it’s time for some new goals for the month! In September I refrained from drinking soda which was hard at first but I’m glad I did it! I have to say I reached for my water bottle more times this past month which was a great feeling. I also leaned a lot on my morning coffee but I’m working on that one.

October is one of my favorite months. I do not like cold weather but the temperate of October is a good feeling for me. Chilly enough to wear boots and a light jacket but not freezing enough to wear a scarf, gloves, and three pairs of pants! I think October is one of the best months to get out and exercise because the weather is wonderful and the colors on the trees are the best motivation to get outdoors!

I’ve decided to continue my no soda streak as I feel I need to continue drinking more water. I’ve also decided to not eat chips or ice cream this month. Last year about this time I gave up chips for the month (read my experience HERE) and that was tough. Chips are pretty much my go-to food so unfortunately that means I eat a lot of chips… more than I should. I was able to stop eating them for a month last year so I know I can do it again!



I also don’t think giving up ice cream will be that hard either. I like ice cream but it’s so filling that after I eat it I feel almost nasty and full at the same time. I would much prefer sherbet if I’m going for something cold. Though with this chilly weather coming in I don’t typically turn to cold treats.


I have a friend who is doing a ‘no-spend’ month which mean she is only spending money on the necessities; gas, bills, and basic food for her house. I’ve decided to try and do that this month as well. I don’t find that I spend a lot of unnecessary money but when my hopeful plans to return to school soon I feel like this will help me save for that!

So there you have it! My new October Goals!

1. No Soda

2. No Chips

3. No Ice Cream

4. No spending unnecessary money

Hopefully by giving up all these junk foods I will be reaching for more fruits and vegetables and continuing my path down a healthy lifestyle!


Anyone else have similar goals for the month?

No Soda September was a Success!

3 Oct

I am proud to say that I didn’t drink any soda in the month of September! I didn’t get into soda until the last few years and this past summer working at summer camp really sucked me into the drinking one to two bottles of diet coke a day. I really wanted to break that habit and I’ve found the best way for me to break bad habits is to stop cold turkey. That’s why I decided to give it up for the month of September.


It was hard the first few days, especially since I’ve had two 12 oz. bottles of diet coke in my fridge for the past month, but I’m proud to say I’ve made it! I’ve also had a hard time watching the box of Blueberry Pop that is hidden in my room not been touched in the past month. Such a good soda pop!


I’ve decided to continue not drinking soda for now, at least through October. I’d love to make it through 2014 without drinking soda but we will see how long those Blueberry sodas can stay hidden.

As much as I love soda, there are so many good reasons to not drink it.

1) No Nutritious Value:  Soda is made up of empty calories. That means it has no healthy nutrition to it. Drinking soda can actually make it harder for your body produce healthier nutrients from other healthy foods and drinks.

2) A Thinner Body: The empty calories that are in soda make soda drinkers consume 10% more calories a day than those who don’t drink soda. On a typical 2,000 calories diet this can result in gaining roughly 20 pounds a year! How insane is that! Especially if you are not an active person, those calories really add up!

3) Type II Diabetes: By not drinking soda you are avoiding those sugars that can cause type II diabetes. People who drink 1-2 servings of sugar in beverages have a 26% greater chance of developing diabetes than those who don’t drink soda at all.

4) Lower Blood Pressure: Drinking soda can lead to higher levels of glucose and fructose levels which can eventually lead to hypertension.

5) You Will Feel Healthier: The caffeine, the sugar, the calories… soda is just another drink that won’t help you stay healthy. Instead of reaching for that can of soda pop try grabbing a bottle of water!

There you have it! Five fun facts as to why soda isn’t healthy for you. Despite writing all of this I still grab a soda from time to time but not for the next month! No Soda October, here I come!


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