Fitness Friday

21 Nov

Let’s start by celebrating that the end of the week is here and it’s finally Friday!!! It has been a busy week on my end and though this weekend is going to be pretty jam packed I’m glad I get a little free time in. I have to admit that because my week has been quite busy, and the cold weather has decided to really kick in this week, I haven’t exercised a lot. This isn’t that much of a shocker for those who know me and know I dislike cold weather!



I am determined to get out and do some sort of fitness this weekend! I loved doing the Once Upon a Time workout I did a few weeks ago and I can really do that type of workout with any TV show. I’m seeing a lot of those in the near future for me since I don’t like running outside in cold weather.

I’m excited that I have a few races coming up though! My dad and I participated in the Palm City Turkey Trot a few years ago which was our first, and only, turkey trot. It was so great though! Probably one of my favorites races I’ve ever done! I’m sure a lot of that has to do with the fact that it was in Florida where cold weather rarely exist! The race was only a 5k but regardless the distance, it felt good to get out and do some sort of exercise right before a huge Thanksgiving meal! We’ve found a few in our area that we are still debating between but hopefully we can decide on one and sign up shortly as Thanksgiving in a few days away!

I have signed up for a virtual 5k in December that I’m pretty excited about! Run with Jess is an amazing blogger and host some pretty sweet virtual runs throughout the year. Right now she is advertising for the Virtual Elf Run that raises money for the St. Judes Foundation benefiting children with cancer.

Screen shot 2014-11-06 at 4.33.17 PM


Though the race takes place in the middle of December I believe that I can pull up the energy and determination to run this virtual race for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. I also signed up both my parents for the race as well so I’m sure the encouragement from them will also get me up and moving in order to run this! It’s not too late to sign up so if you’re looking for a virtual run for the month of December go check it out now!

Elf Run virtual race

I think the weather this weekend is suppose to be on the warmer side, as warm as it gets in November, so that will be a good incentive to try and get out and go running! HAPPY FRIDAY!

Motivational Monday

17 Nov


The Starbucks Struggle is Real

15 Nov

As you all know I’ve limited myself to ONE Starbucks Coffee a week this month and let me say… the struggle is coming in loud and clear right about now!


I have learned a lesson this week… don’t get Starbucks on the first day of the week! Last week I bought a coffee on the way to work Saturday morning since we had an early start to the day and than I went to coffee with a few friends from high school on Sunday where we got Starbucks. They both asked me if I could last the whole week without buying a coffee from Starbucks and I very confidently said, “Yea! Of course!”. Little did I know Friday was going to come around and the temptation for that delicious coffee would hit me.


I’m suppose to get Starbucks later today with a different friend from high school who I haven’t seen in a few years. We are both addicted to Starbucks so when she suggested it while planning our catch up date I, without thinking about it, replied, “Starbucks sounds great!” ::Insert dilemma::

Here’s my solution… I have an empty coffee bean bag from Starbucks and if you bring it into a Starbucks coffee shop you receive a free coffee. I think this is a wise solution because,

1) That will save me money I would have used on a coffee and

2) There won’t be a lot of extra fix-ins in my coffee which means no extra calories.

Every time I’ve pasted a Starbucks in the past few days I’ve felt a very big urge to turn about and smell the amazing aromas of that amazing coffee smell!


This lack of Starbucks reminds me of the time my Mom & I traveled to Uluru, Australia (aka the middle of nowhere desert in the middle of the country). My mom and I had been traveling through New Zealand & Australia for nearly two and a half weeks at this point and didn’t find a Starbucks at all in New Zealand! The first one we found was in Melbourne, Australia where I indulged in this delicious coffee!


After we left Melbourne we traveled to Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock. My mom did a lot of research in this location and wanted so badly to visit. I didn’t know much about the location but was all in visiting someplace new! Little did I know that it was literally in a desert and there was no Starbucks anywhere close!

'Don't give up hope, Lenny - we're bound to come to a Starbucks sooner or later!'

I ended up getting an iced coffee at the ONLY coffee shop they had in the area. Though it wasn’t a Starbucks coffee it was still DELICIOUS!

This was in Cairns, Australia but you seem to get the same thing anywhere in Australia when you order an iced coffee.

This was in Cairns, Australia but you seem to get the same thing anywhere in Australia when you order an iced coffee.

During the month that my Mom & I traveled I went a good amount of that time without a Starbucks coffee so I know I can do it here. At least there weren’t Starbucks at every corner tempting me in New Zealand & Australia…

Once Upon a Time Workout

12 Nov

First of all I want to share that I hit a small victory yesterday! So proud that I made it to 10,000 steps and only by 7:30! I was so excited when I hit this milestone that I texted a photo to my parents saying, “Hit 10,000 and it’s only 7:30!” I was so excited about this until I realized that this pedometer resets at midnight and I’d have to do it all over again tomorrow. At least now I know roughly what I need to do to hit that goal.

image_1On another positive note, last night was my first night doing a tv show workout! “What is that?” you may ask. You can pretty much google ANY TV show and find a workout for it that you do at certain times in the show or you can make your own! I decided since this was my first time doing a tv show workout I would use one that I found online and see how easy / hard it was and than next time around I could alter it my own abilities.

My friend and I love watching Once Upon a Time and, though she is caught up on watching the current season and I’m not, we decided to pick up where she was and watch an episode from the new Frozen season!

Once-Upon-A-Time-Season-4-Poster-Frozen_2014-09-12_20-11-33We decided to use this workout plan I found online as a set plan for last nights episode. We found that we had to look some of the exercises up to make sure we were doing them correct but once we did that we were good to go!

Once Upon A Time Workout

I have to say the worst one for me was the burpees! I’ve done those before (a long time ago) when I took a stab at trying P-90X with a friend in Wilmington but that was years ago! I still need a lot of work to do these correct but at least I tried last night. My burpees looked nothing like this one pictured!!!


It took me twice as long to complete these and we found we had to pause the episode a few times so I could catch up. Definitely something I need to improve on!


As much as I did NOT like the burpees, everything else wasn’t bad! One thing I didn’t think about doing before the show started was stretching which is something I will do next time! I love the fact that you can pretty much find a workout for any TV show online OR you can make your own! I can see myself doing this more often in the near future!!!

Anyone ever done a TV show workout? 

Update on my Goals This Month

11 Nov

It’s not even half way through the month and I have to say my goals for this month are going pretty well. I haven’t been REALLY tempted by ice cream or soda or chips so far which is so great! Instead I’ve had, what I like to call, victory moments!


No Ice Cream: 

My fro-yo incident last week was my first temptation… TECHNICALLY fro-yo isn’t ice cream but is it close enough it still counts as ice cream? I’m not sure, but I did decide to go ahead and indulge in the deliciousness that is self serve frozen yogurt! It was a hard decision but in the end I’d say it was a good treat!

No Soda:

On the topic of soda… those two bottles of diet coke that have been in my fridge for months are now are down to one. No, it wasn’t me who drank one. A few days back I walked into my parents room where I found my mom enjoying a nice cold diet coke. “I hope you don’t mind, I figured you wouldn’t drink it.” She was right. I’m glad someone is finally drinking them! I did cave and have a Blueberry Soda Pop last week though. I told myself at the beginning of the month that I wouldn’t drink soda EXCEPT Blueberry Pop so I decided, for the first time in a month and a half, to indulge in a soda. It was good but I’m glad it didn’t increase any cravings for other sodas.


No Chips: 

This goal is my hardest to keep up with. Chips have always been my downfall food, my craving food, that’s why it’s been so important for me to make this goal. I’ve known this whole time that if I cave and have “only one” it will turn in to one serving and than one bag and I’ll be starting over. That’s why it was so important for me to not eat those delicious chips that were served with my lunch at Moe’s a few days ago. I offered them to my two friends I was sitting with explaining to them my goals. I definitely had a “it’s ok if I just eat these because they are part of my lunch” moment but I’m proud of myself for stepping away and being honest with my friends about it all. They did end up eating a good amount of them which was good so I wouldn’t just have to throw them away.


One Starbucks a Week:

I’m glad I was honest and up front with my friends about my food goals because right after lunch we decided to go to Starbucks! Luckily it was Sunday, a new week, a new Starbucks coffee! As soon as we got up from the table my friends stopped and turned to me saying, “Wait… if you get a Starbucks now can you make it the rest of the week without one?!?!” It was nice of them to think of me and my goal as we ventured to Starbucks! It hasn’t been too hard staying away from Starbucks so far, we are only in week two though.

On Saturday I got a Starbucks coffee on the way to camp since it was an early morning. As I trekked through the woods of camp carrying coffee for me and my co-workers I thought it was a well deserved coffee as it was going to be a long day!


There’s my update on this months goals. I think so far I’m doing pretty well and I feel like I’m reaching for healthier options instead of chips and ice cream which is a great feeling!! After the really hard week I had last week I have to keep positive by looking at my small victories!


How do you get past your worst temptations?

May the Force be With You in Disneyland!

7 Nov

Months ago when I read that Disney World would be hosting a Star Wars weekend of races I was so excited! I didn’t sign up for them this year but desperately look forward to running them in the future! RunDisney has just revealed the medals for the Star Wars races and here they are!


I have to say that the kids medal with R2-D2 is adorable! Great for boys and girls! I also really like the 5k and 10k medals as well! One of the many things I LOVE about Disney races is that they always give the option to participate in the race challenge for the weekend. For the Star Wars weekend they are having a kids race, 5k, 10k, and a half marathon run. Than if you opt to finish the 10k on Saturday and the half marathon on Sunday you receive the Rebel Challenge medal!

The Rebel Challenge medal & Half Marathon medal

The Rebel Challenge medal & Half Marathon medal

I love the look of these medals and am so excited for everyone who is running!

What’s your favorite Disney race?

The Real Scoop: Frozen Yogurt vs. Ice Cream

6 Nov

In October I decided to give up ice cream for the month and have found that I haven’t really been tempted to reach for that cold snack food in the middle of the night. Because of that I am determined to continue my no ice cream days through November. I didn’t struggle with this goal until yesterday and here’s why.

I spent the day with my friend where she wanted to go out for fro-yo (frozen yogurt). I was all in until we realized that fro-yo is so similar to ice cream we didn’t know if it would count as breaking my no ice cream goal or not. I quickly researched it online and the few website I looked at it stated that there are few differences between the two but ultimately frozen yogurt is NOT ice cream. I was thrilled when I read this and we went to Sweet Frog for a nice cold treat.

Frogs Right    At starters I tried to make it a healthier snack, I promise I did, but those darn chocolate and cookie dough pieces ended up in my cup somehow!

froyoAfter I consumed every last bite of this (not so healthy) treat I went home and really researched the differences between ice cream and frozen yogurt.

—> Here’s the Scoop

For a dish to be labeled as ice cream it has to contain at least 10% milk fat, though it usually contains more because of the cream that has been added to it. Frozen yogurt, on the other hand, is not made with heavy cream and does not have a requirement of fat. It is made of cultured milk such as yogurt. Does that mean that frozen yogurt is healthier?

When it comes to calories there isn’t much difference. One cup of plain vanilla ice cream is said to have 275 calories while a cup of frozen yogurt has 221 calories. There isn’t much of a difference there so lets look at what people who are on diets always seem to reach for… the ‘fat-free’ option.

A lot of the time when people are on a diet or trying to loose weight they reach for the ‘low-fat’ or ‘fat-free’ option on the shelf thinking that will help them along in their process. Reality is in most of these products just because it’s free of fat doesn’t always mean it’s healthier. Typically these options hold more SUGAR and added chemicals making them unhealthy in the long run. This goes for both frozen yogurt AND ice cream.

I found this chart (HERE) that shows us the biggest nutritional differences between frozen yogurt, plain yogurt, and ice cream.

benefits_of_frozen_yogurtThe obvious best choice here is plain yogurt as it doesn’t hold any extra sugars, carbs, or calories. Ultimately fro-yo is a better choice than ice cream but only if you not only watch your portion size but also your toppings! Yesterday when I went to get fro-yo I may have been better off just getting a scoop of ice cream with all the sweet that were piled high on top of my bowl! There are people who believe that if you are having frozen yogurt you are automatically eating healthier but I believe it all comes down to the portion and the toppings!

Whenever I get a craving for something sweet I’m going to try and reach for fro-yo with fresh fruit and nuts (high in protein) instead of creamy ice cream! This will make my goal of not having any ice cream this month easier as I now know frozen yogurt and ice cream are different! That doesn’t mean I need to be go for fro-yo twice as much though.

What’s your favorite topping for ice cream / fro-yo?


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