Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh Remix Challenge 2017: Race Recap (Part One)

4 Apr

This past weekend my wife & I went back to our home state of North Carolina to participate in the Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh Remix Challenge. This weekend is always jam-packed but we were prepared this year, and thankfully the weather was MUCH warmer than last year!

My parents, my wife, and I all did the Remix Challenge where we ran the 5k race on Saturday and then the half marathon on Sunday. Lots of running in one weekend but we kept our chin up and encouraged each other through every step of the way!

Pre Race

Friday when we got into Raleigh we went to the race expo which always seems to get me pumped and excited for the upcoming races. We picked up our shirts and bib numbers than explored the rest of the expo a bit.

My mom, wife, and I went by a Toyota booth where we got free head bands tie-dyed in the colors we wanted! That was probably one of my favorite booths!


After the expo we found a vegetarian friendly place to eat dinner. Both my Dad & I are vegetarians (and my sister and brother who weren’t there this weekend) so we always try to find friendly places to us to safely eat. Last year we went to a place called Be Good which we loved so we decided to go there again for our pre-5k dinner. I got a veggie cheese burger and sweet potato fries that was delicious! Best part of this place was that it was right next to our hotel so we didn’t have to walk far, on full stomachs, to get to our room and prepare for our race the next morning.


Veggie cheese burger and sweet potato fries from Be Good! Yum!

Race Day

The morning on the 5k the temperatures were in the 40’s, a tad warmer than last year. We still opted to stand in the sun to try to stay warmer, even if it was farmer away from the start line! Mom and Dad didn’t bring jackets so Dad ended up pulling his arms in his shirt to try and stay warm, much like a few years ago before the start of the half marathon here in Raleigh.


‘No arms Dad’ in 2014 (left) & ‘No arms Dad’ in 2016 (right).


Danielle & I waiting at the start line for the 5k to start.


After a few photo ops, and waiting in line to use the porta potty, we were finally ready to start our 5k!

Most of this 5k took place on the roads of downtown Raleigh but we did run through some trails too. It started to really warm up just past mile one so we ended up wrapping out light jackets around our waist.

Danielle & I stuck to a two-minute run, two-minute walk interval which worked well for the 3.1 mile jog. My Mom and Dad crossed the finish line first but not long before me and Danielle came in.

Post Race

Another 5k in the books for us! We all finished strong and really enjoyed the early morning 3.1 jog around Raleigh!


Once we completed the race we headed towards the bus line to get a ride back towards our hotel. We stuck around the hotel for a bit where Dad took a nap and Danielle, Mom, and I went to the pool for a bit. After some relaxing time at the hotel we decided to venter out around downtown Raleigh, so we found a cute little ice cream shop to get some well deserved dessert and then roamed around the Museum of Natural History for a few hours. The museum was really neat but we only had time to explore the first floor (out of three) before we had to head out to Fiction Kitchen for some dinner!

Fiction Kitchen is a really great vegan restaurant in Raleigh that we all love but they are quite small, and don’t take reservations, so we decided to get there about 20 minutes before they open to make sure we got a table. I’m glad we got there when we did because shortly after we arrived there was a huge line that formed down the sidewalk! I got the BBQ “chicken” with cole slaw, potatoes, and black beans. It was all so delicious and filling!

Once finished with our early dinner we headed back to the hotel to get a good nights rest for our half marathon in the morning!

**Keep and eye out for part two of my recap coming shortly!**


Color Vibe 5k: Race Recap

30 Mar

A few weeks ago my parents came down to South Carolina so my Mom could run the Color Vibe 5k with us! The weekend was jam packed but we had so much fun!

Pre Race

The morning of the race we were all layered in clothing because it was so cold! Thank goodness they had zumba pre race to warm us up!! That was so much fun! I attended a zumba class with my sister a few years ago and forgot how much I loved it! After a bit of zumba we took off some layers of clothing and gave them to my Dad to hold since we was a spectator for this race.


This Color Vibe 5k was held at the Darlington Race Way which was so neat because we actually got to run on the race track!



They started us in corrals because there were so many people! The color stations were at the start line and than every mile after that. I have to say I think I got more color on me this Color Vibe 5k than the last Color Run I did, it may be because not only did they have volunteers to throw color at runners but they also had leave blowers spraying color on everyone! That was so creative!!

My Mom, my wife, and my two step kids stunk together for the first little bit and than my Mom and step son ran ahead.


We started running on the outside of the race track and than entered the gates to run inside ON the track. I’ve never been to the Darlington Race Way but it’s kind of a big deal down here!



My Wife & I during the Color Vibe!! 

Post Race

My Mom and step son crossed the finish line before we did so they were cheering us on with my Dad while my wife, step daughter, and I finished! There was music playing, color flying, and good vibes everywhere!! We stuck around for a bit for the dance party and color throws.


The Color Vibe was a great fun race, this would be amazing for any beginner jogger / runner!!


Sticking to New Years Resolutions while Traveling

24 Feb

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do! There are so many aspects of it that I love, but I’ve realized that keeping New Years resolutions or goals is tough while you are on the road.

My 2017 New Years goals are all about living a healthy lifestyle and since I have a life goal of running a half marathon in every state I’ll be focusing on keeping those goals met while traveling in the States. I’ve put together some tips and tricks to sticking to your goals while you travel, all taken from personal experience!

  1. Get a Fitness Tracker!

I’ve come to love the Fitbit fitness trackers. I started with the Fitbit Charge where I started keeping track of my 10,000 steps per day. I now have the Charge 2! It not only tracks my steps but also has running options, mileage run, and even has a built in heart monitor. On the Fitbit app you can challenge others in your step goals and strive to finish in first place! That’s the number one reason I love my Fitbit, it motivates me to not only walk for my health but no matter where I am I can challenge friends in daily, weekday, or weekend step wars!


Fitbit Charge


Fitbit Charge 2

2. Drink Water

It’s no secret that drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your body. When I’m traveling I am always on the move so it’s extra important that I’m giving my body what it most needs. I tend to carry around a water bottle with me and fill it up every chance I get! If I always have it on me it’s more of a chance I will drink more water!


3. Eat Healthy (ish)

I love to eat healthy for a number of reasons but the top reason is that when I eat healthier foods I find I have more energy throughout the day to do more things! I don’t like feeling tired all the time so I’ve tried to cut out unhealthy sugars and sweets (keyword is TRIED).


A vegan dish from Fiction Kitchen in Raleigh, NC.

I say eat healthy (ish) because though it’s important to feed your body the right fruits and vegetables, I always like to treat myself when I travel. I can always find new foods that I’ve never tried before and some of those are sweets! You have to balance out your diet, right? 😛

Fruit topped with Ice Cream

Ice cream and fruit from South Africa! By far the best dessert from that trip!

4. Be Realistic

It’s nice to say that while you are on vacation that you are going to go to the gym at your hotel at least three times a week, or not eat junk food, or go to bed at 10pm every night but let’s be realistic here.

When I’m on vacation I like to keep my New Years goals in mind but I also know that vacation means a break. My main goal while on vacation is spending the time with the people I love, discover new places, staying up late and getting up early… usually I don’t plan out my day hour-by-hour, but have a few things booked and have the rest just fall into place as we go. If I have time to squeeze in a trip to the gym or find a new trail to run in between family time than awesome, but I will never be disappointed in myself for straying from my goals just a little bit while touring a new place!

5. Make it Social

I have found that if I am sharing my journey with others on social media that I am more determined and motivated to do more. It’s amazing what the internet can do these days! Between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, blogging, etc. you can find that group of people who share the same interest as you and motivate each other.

6. Keep a Positive Attitude

The word that I want to focus on in 2017 is positivity! I think it’s so important that in whatever you do, you pull something positive out of the situation (easier said than done sometimes).

As I mentioned before, if I don’t hit all my New Years goals while traveling it’s ok. No one is perfect. I just have to say, “Pick yourself up and try again. What will I do differently next time to help me achieve these goals?” Just stay positive, work hard, and know that you only live once so enjoy every day that you are blessed to have!

Endurance Magazine

3 Feb

Here is some exciting news! In January Mom and I were featured in Endurance Magazine where they interviewed us on racing in the Ramblin’ Rose Triathlon last October!


I got these images of the pages off of the online version of the magazine but my parents recently mailed me three copies of the magazine! I’m stoked to be part of Endurance Magazine and share my triathlon story!

Five Things Friday: Motivation

20 Jan

Let’s talk about motivation. Something I always need in my life!In the past I’ve thought about making a motivation wall in my house; a section of the wall in my office where I can put encouraging quotes or photos to motivate me to do the best in my training. It’s in the process of being up as I’m brainstorming how I want it laid out.

Lately I’ve been reminding myself of all the things I have going for me, especially on days when I don’t feel prepared for upcoming races or runs where I feel slower than usual.


Here are things that keep me motivated to keep moving forward!

  1. My Health

If you had asked me a few years ago if I thought I was healthy, I would have replied, “of course! I eat my fruits and vegetables and rarely eat sweets”. In the past year or so I’ve realized that there is so much more to being healthy than just what you eat. I have worked really hard the past few years to get my body (and mind) to a healthy place and, though some days I struggle, I believe I have made a huge step in the right direction!

2. My Fit Goals

I have some great goals in place for myself in the upcoming year. These include completing my fourth consecutive year of the Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh half marathon in April, get a PR in my 5k time, train for the Ramblin’ Rose Triathlon in October, reach for healthy snacks instead of sweet, sugary candies, among a few other personal goals. These goals motivate me and talk to me everyday so I can be a better person, physically and mentally!

3. Feel Prepared for the Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh races in April

Speaking of training, I REALLY want to go into April feeling prepared to run the Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh 5k and the half marathon, on back-to-back days. Last year was the first year they had the 5k in addition to the half marathon and my parents and I ran them both, which was a little easier than I anticipated. This year I AM going in feeling ready to beast these races and encourage my wife in her first half marathon!!


The first race my wife came to cheer me on, the Bull Moon Ride & Run 5k in 2014. This was the evening after our first date 🙂

4. Being a Good Role Model

I love encouraging others in their training and race adventures, it’s seriously one of my favorite things! After I cross the finish line at races I will get my bottle of water and a snack and just stand at the finish line cheering on everyone who finishes after me! If you watch carefully you can see the emotion those runners have; my favorite are those who have tears of happiness never thinking they would finish a long 13.1 miles and their face as they take that step over the finish line is unforgettable! Being a good role model to my friends and family is an amazing feeling! I try and be positive in everything I do and share that every chance I get!

5. Summer

I can’t forget about the summer body I strive for every year… a healthy summer body. Like I said, I used to know what a healthy body looked like but now I have more knowledge and more resources to get that real *healthy* summer body! Plus, I live less than an hour from the beach now so I can see a lot of summer day trips to the coast this year!


I hold onto these things and always keep them in my mind as I’m going through my day-to-day life! This is what keeps me going, this is my encouragement, this is my motivation!

What motivates YOU? Share your most motivating quote!

The Struggle is Real

19 Jan

I don’t like starting off a blog entry confessing something that’s been on my mind, but I feel it’s important today. The pup and I took a mile and a half walk / jog today and I realized that not only do I need to do that more often but it’s about time I find a good exercise routine that works around my job at the hospital.


Zoey pooped out on our walk this afternoon. 

A few months ago I started a new job where I’m working 12-hr shifts, three nights in a row. In between those nights I find myself sleeping… and only sleeping! I don’t plan on working out between my shifts because I feel that may put too much strain on my body and I can’t afford to go into work from 7pm – 7am feeling exhausted!

My biggest struggle with getting out and running lately has been the weather! (Any one else have problems getting out when it’s cold?). That’s a lousy excuse but very much true. I have found that lately since it’s been a bit warmer here in South Carolina I have been jogging more, but still feel like I need that calendar or schedule in order to get me ready for the Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh half marathon in a little over two months. I’m still doing some research and trying to get something solid together to make me feel good about my upcoming races!

To look at the positive, today’s jog was just what I needed today! It was refreshing and I even found a new trail! There was no one out there and it looked quite deserted so I didn’t go far (I don’t really know that area well yet) but it’s something I would probably feel comfortable exploring by bike one day!


A lot of the trail looks like it was damaged by Hurricane Matthew back in October!!


What kind of exercise routine do you have at home? Anyone else work crazy hours and have a hard time finding time to exercise between your work hours?



Goodbye 2016… Hello 2017!

5 Jan

Another year as come and gone! The last year went by so quickly but I am real excited about what 2017 holds for me! I’ve never been a fan of having new years resolutions. I never stick with them than I would get disappointed with myself if I didn’t complete my list before the end of the year. A few years ago I switched to having New Years Goals, that’s all they were… goals. It made me work harder to accomplish these goals by the end of the year but wouldn’t get disappointed because they were just goals.


This year I am switching it up a bit! I am picking ONE word to devote this year to. I’ve decided to choose the word POSITIVITY! It any situation that comes my way I want to stay positive!


I think this will be a good thing for me! I try and look at the positives in every day, even when I have really low days. To go along with my word of the year I am continuing my Jar of Memories for 2017! Throughout the year I write down awesome and amazing things that happen and than open it on New Years Eve and read over each and every note to myself!


Jar of Memories from 2015


Jar of Memories from 2016

I also have some amazing running races coming up so keep an eye out! I am back to blogging and sharing my training with you all and I’m excited for this year!

QOTD: What are your goals for the new year?