Puppy Play Time

26 Sep img_2601

Since we moved to Florence we have been trying to find new things to do and new ways to get involved in the community. Last week my wife found an ad for a Pup Splash Pad in the next town over so my son and I took Zoey on Saturday, unfortunately Danielle had to work so she wouldn’t come with us.

I was speaking to some of the ladies there and they informed me that this splash pad is open throughout the summer for kids to come and enjoy but on the last day it’s open they invite dogs to come play through the sprinklers and misters! It was confirmed to us that Zoey is not a water dog but she did great with other dogs, even bigger ones, in the fenced in area!



At the end of the day we learned how much Zoey does not like water! She was so exhausted the rest of the day but I think she had a blast with the other dogs!

Has your town ever hosted a water play pad for pups?

Run With Heart GIVEAWAY

16 Sep

I love anything that motivates me to get out and run weather it’s quotes on my motivational wall or new running shoes or even running jewelry! I received a run with heart necklace a few months ago and am giving one away!

I don’t often run with necklaces on but when I see this one in my jewelry box it makes me want to run! Just seeing the words on it, ‘run with heart’, motivates me to get outside and start moving!


Want to win this amazing ‘run with heart’ necklace? Enter my Rafflecopter giveaway below! There are daily entries you can do to give yourself more of a chance to win!


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Farmers Market, Comic-Con, and Myrtle Beach

13 Sep

We had a busy, but amazing, weekend having family visit and showing them around Florence. My Mom and brother arrived at our house Saturday afternoon where I finally got to show them our organized new house! My family helped us move in about a month ago but the house was packed full of boxes when they left so I was really excited to show them how everything has come together! My Dad couldn’t come down this time around but I’m excited to give him the proper tour next time he comes down for a weekend.

Saturday while my wife was out of town for work, I brought my Mom, brother, and son to the Farmers Market. We’ve decided to get our peaches from the Farmers Market from now on because they are so much bigger and juicier than the ones at the grocery store! We also picked up some blackberries and plums while we were there!


After the Farmers Market we went to the Young Plantation Bakery and Pecan Shop. I’ve wanted to check out this shop ever since we moved here and Saturday was the perfect day since some of my family was in town. For not really knowing what exactly the shop was than walking out with $30 worth of sweets, I’d say it was a thumbs up! South Carolina is known for their pecans and this shop showed it!


Saturday night we relaxed at the house and played some board games and cards while watching cooking shows on Netflix, something my family does often when we get together!


Sunday we woke up with anticipation to attend our first Comic-Con. My brother is a huge fan or comic books and scary movies so when they were talking about coming down for a weekend we carefully planned it so they would be here to go to Comic-Con.




There were different vendors inside and even a whole room of just comic books (my mom immediately thought of Sheldon from ‘Big Band Theory’ going through them one by one saying “got it… got it… got it”! haha). One of our favorite parts were all the masks that were displayed from different horror movies!






Comic-Con was a huge success and something we will definitely look into doing in the future!

Mom & Thomas left shortly after Comic-Con to head back to North Carolina. On Monday, Danielle & I dropped our daughter off at school than headed to Myrtle Beach for the day. She had to go there for work and since I am currently between jobs I decided to take the day trip with her. I love the fact that we are only an hour from the beach, it makes it so easy to head down for a day or a weekend!

Between her work meetings we ate lunch at Damon’s Grill (where we got married about a month ago). The owner came to say hi to us and there were a number of waiters who remembered us and said hi! We also made it to Broadway at the Beach to walk around and get some ice cream for dessert! I don’t eat a lot of ice cream anymore but Kilwin’s in Myrtle Beach is one of the only places I can find my favorite ice cream anymore, Superman ice cream, so whenever we head down I treat myself!


Have you ever been to Comic-Con? What’s your favorite flavor of Ice Cream?

Labor Day Weekend

9 Sep

This past weekend had a lot of highs and lows. For being a long weekend it was definitely pack full from start to finish!

Friday night we all went to the movies and while we let my step daughter, her boyfriend, and her friend go see a scary movie, me, my wife and my 9-year-old step son opted for Pete’s Dragon. I have to be honest and say I wasn’t too thrilled about going to see a childs movie, especially since I’ve never been a huge fan of Pete’s Dragon, but I ended up really liking it. I even cried at the end (and I never cry during movies so this says alot)!


My step daughter wanted to celebrate her Birthday this weekend so she invited a friend and we all drove to Myrtle Beach for the day on Saturday. Now that we only live about 45 minutes from Myrtle Beach so it’s pretty easy to do weekend trips or even day trips to see the ocean! One of our favorite places to go is Broadway at the Beach and visit all the beachy shops.


I surprised myself and did a little Christmas shopping while down there! I love to get a head start on Christmas shopping, though I was not expecting to get anything this weekend sometimes when you see something for someone you just have to go ahead and grab it. We had a nice lunch at Margaritaville where my step daughter and step son flagged down the balloon guy to make us funny balloon hats. She asked specifically for me and Danielle to have a connecting one!😛


After lunch we walked around the shops a bit. Danielle and I have decided that we would like to get a Christmas ornament from all the places we travel to and to start our collection we got one from Myrtle Beach with our wedding date on it!


My step daughter wanted to go to Wonder works for part of her Birthday so while in Myrtle Beach we spent a few hours going through the three floored, interactive amusement park! I had never been before and wasn’t sure there was going to be a lot for an adult to enjoy but it was awesome!! My favoirte part was probably the high ropes course they had inside!


That pretty much concluded our day in Myrtle Beach. After Wonderworks I think we were all pretty tired and just wanted to go home and rest!

Sunday I got news from home that one of our family dogs wasn’t doing well so my parents brought her to the emergency vet. For the next 24 hours she got better, than worse, than better, and finally got to the point that even if she did get better there was no telling if she would be able to come home again and what kind of life she would have from there. Monday we said goodbye to her and she crossed the rainbow bridge into dog heaven.


I wasn’t at home to say goodbye since her health decreased very rapidly on Monday. I’ll always remember how Daisy loved to play in the ocean and catch snowballs when we got heavy snow! She was a great kayak partner for my Mom and always greeted my Dad with a smile on her face and a wagging tail when he got home from work everyday.


We will miss you, Daisy!

On a bit of a lighter note, keep an eye out NEXT WEEK for some amazing GIVEAWAYS!!

Benefits of Fruit Infused Water

8 Sep

I’ve been on a fruit infused water kick lately and am loving it! There are many benefits to flavoring your water with fresh fruits. The more I’ve experienced with different flavors the more research I’ve done and here’s what I’ve found!

Fruit infused water will help you:

  1. Get more nutrients in your body

Instead of drinking plain water, there are so many different fruits you can add to give your water a little spark to it. I’ve found that lemon water is one of my favorites but I’m slowly venturing out into other flavors as well. You can get so many vitamins and minerals from adding fruit or fresh fruit juice into your water, it’s a great stepping stone to drinking more water!

2. Have more energy

I’m working on drinking more water through out my day for many reasons, but one that is on top of the list is that I know it will give me more energy during the day to get things done!

3. The recipes are endless!

I started fruit infused water using common fruit that I was familiar with, lemon or lime mostly. Most recently I’ve started to use strawberries, basil, and even blackberries. I’ve even read some recipes on Pinterest that use frozen grapes or watermelon which I want to try before fall season really hits!


4. Feel healthier

Your stomach will thank you after drinking water through out the day, not to mention fruit flavored water! Your food intake won’t be as much, you will have more energy, and you will feel so much better with all the nutrients from your fruit water!

5. Satisfy your sweet tooth

This is a huge point for me! I have a very very sweet tooth (that I like to think comes from my Mom!). Some weeks I’ll be super good at staying away from sweets and eating healthier and drinking water than there are other weeks that I’m having sour patch kids for breakfast. Since I’ve started drinking more water I’ve found that if I stay focused on healthy eating and fitting in a jog (or two) during the day, I can stay away from those sweets!

My new favorite fruit infused water flavor is currently blackberry! We just mixed this up for the first time last week and at first it wasn’t very strong because we just placed the blackberries in the tube and let them sit. After a few days of not tasting them a lot my wife decided to squeeze them down a bit letting some of the juice run out and making the water have a more sweet taste to it!


Comment below with your favorite recipe!!



New Fruit Infused Water Recipe

6 Sep

My wife and I received a fruit infused water pitcher as one of our wedding gifts and I’m not going to lie, this has probably gotten one of the most uses out of it out of all the kitchen supplies we have gotten! We both are big water drinkers but I like my water flavored with something to give it a little zing to it… in comes the water infuser!

Last week we decided to start expanding out of just fruit so we tried a strawberry, lime, and mint water mix.




We’ve never experienced too much with mint in our water so we didn’t add a lot in and added more strawberry than anything else. We also just did a few slices of lime because we didn’t want to make it too tart.


This wasn’t my favorite flavored water (I’ll be sharing my favorite so far this week on the blog so keep an eye out!) but it did give the water just a hint of flavor so it did what I was looking for!

I’m always looking for new water flavors so drop your favorite recipe in the comments!

An Update on Our Move!

25 Aug

So much has happened in just the past month! For starters, I got married!!!! That was an amazing day and I can’t wait to share photos when we get them from our photographer! *Here’s a sneak peak!*


The day after our wedding we went on our week long honey moon on a cruise to the bahamas with our family and close friends (yea, it was a huge group of people but it was amazing)! THAN we moved states the day we returned from our honeymoon so as you can imagine it’s been a crazy past few weeks for us!

We have moved to South Carolina which isn’t too far from where we were living. We are still just a few hours from my parents and less than an hour from the beach so I can’t complain!! Best part? We live in the land of palm trees!!


We’ve been in our new house a little over a week now and though we have been focusing on unpacking the house and getting organized, we are trying to take breaks and get out into the heart of Florence to see what’s around. Last weekend we found two farmers markets where we got so many fresh fruits & veggies to last us for awhile!


I am currently in between jobs which means I am finding a lot of time to get out on runs around the neighborhood. So far this week, the pup and I have jogged five miles around our area. I know there is a park near by that I’d love to go visit this weekend!


Hopefully we will have a chance to take a good break from getting the house organized and venture out into some of the parks (& possibly festivals) in Florence this weekend!