Medal Monday Throwback

6 Nov

We recently bought a new house and are still working on hanging all our decorations up and making it our home. A few weeks ago I finally decided where to hang all my race medals and my wife put them up for me. As I was hanging up each medal, one by one, it made me realize that I’ve put a lot of time, training, and determination into each and every one of my races. I was reflecting on each race I’ve ran (biked, swam, etc.) and it makes me so proud of what I’ve accomplished thus far!

  • Best Race Scenery: Amica Rhode Island

Before I ran this Half Marathon in Rhode Island, I read so many comments about just the views during the course. I didn’t believe there was anything that special until I ran the race for myself! The 13.1 miles took us along the coast of the state where we ran along the waters edge nearly the whole time. The race took place in October so the weather was abit on the cold side but the breeze from the ocean was perfect after a few miles of running!


  •    Most Fun Race: Disney World Half Marathon

I’ve ran a lot of fun races so this was hard to choose but ultimately I think Disney was full of so much energy and the atmosphere was beyond amazing that this would be my most fun race! I ran the Disney World Half Marathon in 2009 and though I wasn’t much for waiting in line DURING the race to get photos with the characters it was neat to see them at the start and finish cheering everyone on!

*Let’s not mention my baby face and the fact that I look exhausted from just finishing the race! haha*


  • Favorite Medal: Mardi Gras Mambo 10k

I have a lot of ‘favorite’ medals that I could list but one of my top favorites is the medal I got from the Mardi Gras Mambo 10k in Baton Rouge. My mom and I spent the weekend in Baton Rouge and ran the 10k together. That was my first 10k race and I was actually really surprised how much I loved the distance! At the finish line we got our clay finisher medals that hangs off of mardi gras beads!! Also my first medal that isn’t a ‘medal’ so that makes me love the clay medal even more!


  • Race Farthest From Home: Mayor’s Midnight Sun, Alaska

A little over two years ago I traveled to Alaska to run the Mayor’s Midnight Sun Half Marathon alongside my parents. We spent a little over a week in Alaska and I was amazed by everything there, even all the people we met were so incredibly nice and helpful!



In a little less than a week we will be in Las Vegas for another run and I can’t wait to add more medals and more memories to my race collection!

What’s your favorite race you have ever participated in?









Training For an Evening Race

27 Oct

These past few months have been super busy as I’ve decided to return to school while working full time. As of recently I have a bit more time to train for my upcoming races and post my updates so I’m coming back strong!Image result for rock n roll las vegas 2017

In just over two weeks I’ll be traveling to Las Vegas for the Rock ‘n Roll Remix Challenge! That means Saturday morning I’ll be running the 5k race and Sunday evening I’ll be participating in the Half Marathon run around the night life of Las Vegas! My wife is not only traveling with me, but also running the 5k with me as well as my mom and two of my cousins! On Sunday my mom, one of my cousins, and I will be running the evening half marathon.

This will be the second evening race I’ve ran, the first being the Bull Moon Run 5k in Durham, NC in 2014 that my sister and I ran together!


My sister & I after the Bull Moon 5k, 2014

This evening race is a 13.1 mile run so there is a SLIGHT difference in milage, which means I’m training a little different. Here are my best tips and tricks for successfully running an evening race!

Top FIVE tips for running an evening race:

  • Train in the Evening

Training is necessary for any half marathon, however when the race time is in the evening verses the morning your training should follow that timeline as well. It’s important to have a few ‘trial runs’ in the evening so you are fully prepared for race day!

  • Invest in Proper Evening Wear

Neon colors, reflective wear, head lamps, even glowsticks are all great evening race wear ideas to think about before the big race day!

  • Keep Hydrated

One of the most important pieces of advice that us runners need to remember all year round! On race day, drinking water should be a priority. Save those tasty celebratory drinks for the finish line!

  • Adjust your big pre-meal (breakfast) & snack

Running a big race it’s important to get enough protein to carry you through your milage. Breakfast time is the ideal time to get your ‘pre race meal’ in for an evening run, with having a light lunch or a few snacks throughout the rest of the day until shortly before race time.

  • Take this opportunity to sleep in!

One of the perks of an evening race is that this is a great opportunity to let your body sleep in past sunrise time the day of the race! Give your body that extra rest it needs!

Las Vegas will be a new adventure for me and I’m excited to be up there in just about two weeks for these races!

Comment if you will be there too & your best advice for an evening run!









How to Beat the Heat This Summer

25 May

I love the summer sun & the vacations that come with it, but training for races is no joke in the hot heat of the summer! Here are tips and tricks to stay cool this summer.

  • Stay Hydrated

This is something I am still learning to this day. Some days I will be really on top of drinking water and than others I barely reach for my water bottle. Lately I’ve been bringing my water bottle everywhere with me (in the car, to work, by my bed, etc.) which has definitely been helping me drink more water as the weather gets warmer!


  • Use Sunscreen

I often forget this one as well! We are all used to bringing sunscreen on beach trips or when we go on vacation but how many of us actually remember to put it on while out on our daily runs? Putting a bottle of sunscreen by the front door or with your running shoes is a great way to remember to use it before your outside activities!

  • Plan Your Training Accordingly to the Weather

If you aren’t an early morning runner you may turn into one during the heat of the summer! In the past few weeks the temperatures have spiked here in South Carolina and I am finding it harder and harder to get out in the afternoon with the dog. We’ve been trying to go out in the morning but mostly in the evening after the sun sets is when I’ll take the dog on a walk to get her out. It also helps to have that gym membership where I can train indoors!! 🙂

  • Dress for the Heat

If I decide to go on an early morning run I typically look up the weather the night before and go ahead and pick out my running gear. I’ve turned to this site from Runner’s World a few times when I have big races and debate wearing that t-shirt or tank top, those capris or shorts. Click HERE and see what outfit it suggests for you today!

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 2.06.21 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-19 at 2.06.05 PM

  • Keep your Chin Up!

Training in the summer heat can be not only exhausting on your mind but your body as well. Plan for a slower pace and a shorter distance! Though you may be training for a number of upcoming races, take your time training in the summer months! Take it slow and be patient!


   It’s hard to stay in shape in the summer but it’s totally acheivable by following these few guidelines! Happy Training!

What are your best tips and tricks for running in the summer months?

Tasty Tuesday – Bahama Edition

23 May

In all the commotion of our busy schedules here, I never did update on our week vacation to the Bahamas about a month ago! We had a great deal to a resort in Freeport so we took advantage of it during Spring Break and had an absolute blast!

One of my favorite parts of traveling are trying new foods and we got to try some amazing new *vegetarian* dishes while we were down there! On our first night in Freeport my wife, daughter, and I took a ferry into town and ate at a Greek restuarnt. I ordered an AMAZING falafel gyro that I couldn’t finish in one sitting, but it was just as good as a midnight snack!


We had a suite room that included a kitchenette so we went to the grocery store and bought Bohemian rum and some juice so we could make our own drinks all week long. My wife made an amazing drink with mango Bohemian rum and hurricane juice (much like our fruit punch) that we drank sipped on all week.


A few days later my wife and I went back into town and went back to the Greek restuarnt to the bakery section to have a traditional Bohemian coffee and some delicious treats! The Bohemian coffee had coconut rum, coffee, and whipped cream which was really strong for 10am but I’m glad I tried it! Our treats included vanilla biscuits with vanilla creme & a vanilla, strawberry jello like treat with a strawberry topping. It was all good but very filling, we had to bring some back to our room but I guarentee they were all gone by the next day!


One night our resort had a Bohemian Night which consisted of traditional Bohemian dancing and tastings of wine and some food from the Bahamas. Our sample plate consisted of pineapple upside down cake, rum cake, guava cake, and a coconut caramel snack. I was really excited about the pineapple upside down cake and thought that was going to be my favorite dish but I actually like the coconut caramel snack the best!


One of the things I really wanted to do while in the Bahamas was drink out of a real coconut. The first few days we looked for a booth that sold them but we had no such luck BUT we did run into another guest at our resort who told us that if you find the maintenance man by the pool early in the morning and tell him you want a fresh coconut he will try and find some to cut down for you. My wife went down by the pool early one morning and asked him for a few coconuts and just an hour later we heard a knock on our door. The maintenance man had found FOUR fresh coconuts for us and chucked them open for us! We sipped on those all week!! I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would but I’m glad I tried it!


   We had a blast in Freeport and hope to return shortly!



Big Race Update!

19 May

I am excited to share I have signed up for another (and new for me) 5k and half marathon! In November I will be running the Rock ‘n Roll Las Vegas 5k and half marathon and I am super excited to cross another state off of my list!


I went to Las Vegas for the first time two years ago and really enjoyed it for a first time there. I went in August when it was super humid so I’m excited to be going in November where, hopefully, the weather will be a little cooler and easier to manage while running!


We are considering this trip a Girl’s Trip because my wife, mom, and two of my many cousins are traveling up for the weekend to run part’s of the weekends events. The 5k is Saturday morning and the half marathon is Sunday evening, my first half marathon evening run! I will have to start training more in the evening in preparation for this evening run but I think with the motivation of my family with me I will do great!

What’s your advice for an evening run? What are must see things to do in Las Vegas?

What Having a Gym Membership Means to Me

17 May

I recently became a member of a gym for the first time in my life! Since I was in college I’ve had thoughts about joining a gym but there always seemed to be something that held me back. Joining the near by gym about a month ago has been amazing for me!!

Thinking about joining a gym? Here are some benefits to having a gym membership and what it means to me!

  1. Find support and encouragement in other members

On the first day I went to the gym I met a gentlemen who stopped me to ask me about the KT tape on my knee which led to a 20 minute conversation about his past in the Navy, marathon running, and training tips and tricks. I’m not normally the type of person to sit and talk to strangers but I loved taking the time to talk to other members while stretching after my workout!


2.Find your place at the gym

I joined the gym with the thought of running the treadmill so many times a week and than swimming the laps along with the swim scheduale. In the last month of being a member I have found that I do enjoy the treadmill BUT I have found interest in the stationary bike and the eliptical as well! I haven’t quite made it as far as the pool yet!


  1. Fitness classes

Our gym is great and offers different classes to give there members a variety of training! I’ve done a spinning class before which was hard (especially for someone who had never done a spin class before) but I highly enjoyed it! I have goals of joining a zumba class soon, that’s one of my favorite cross fitness courses!

  1. Flexible Hours

I would highly encourage a new member to check out the hours of there gym! Upon joining our gym I knew they were not open 24/7 like many other gyms, but they do open early enough I can go after work in the morning or go late in the evening if I want to get in a good workout right before bed. Our lap swim hours are only in the wee hours of the morning and our fitness classes are mainly in the mid morning which is all good to know as a new member!


  1. Maintain Health and Fitness Goals.

I have many health and fitness goals and I have found that by having a gym membership it MAKES me go to the gym, afterall I want to make sure I am getting the most out of this membership! I’ve also found that working out makes me want to eat healthier! When I come home from the gym I find myself grabbing healthy snacks and making smoothies which is a better alternative!


I have highly enjoyed having a membership to a gym for many reasons and I would recomend it to anyone serious to getting fit and healthy!

Tasty Tuesday

11 Apr

Every Sunday we sit down as a family and enjoy a home cooked meal for lunch. We have been cooking some pretty delicious meals lately and I want to start sharing them on my blog for others to enjoy.

Here’s a home made BBQ pizza that is quick and real simple to make for your and your family.

Step 1: We used pre made pizza dough and Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce as the base of our pizza.


Step 2: Use black beans, corn, and tomatoes to spread out over the BBQ sauce. You can use any type of toppings (vegetables, meat, etc.) but this is my favorite way to make it.



Step 3: Add your favorite type of cheese on top and melt in the oven for about 20 minutes at 340 degrees.


Step 4: After pulling your pizza from the oven, let cool and ENJOY!


   This is an easy recipe that even kids can help prep and it takes no time at all!