Time For Another Triathlon!

28 Feb

Exciting news, I am officially signed up for my next triathlon!! I completed the women’s Ramblin’ Rose triathlon a few years ago and than signed up the next year but couldn’t compete because I was on crunches due to a broken ankle. I am excited to be back on the Triathlon road and start training for all the tri events!


I’ve only completed one tri but I hope to get more into them in the future. There are many reasons that I love doing a good triathlon!

1. It’s So Much More Than Running

I do love running but it’s nice to take a break from running the trails and instead go cool off in the lap pool or bike the neighborhood!

2. Training

I love training for Tri’s for the mere fact that if I don’t feel like running, I have two other sports to choose from!

3. The Bib Number

There’s something about not only wearing your bib while biking and running but also getting your number written on you in sharpie all over your arms and legs!

4. Racing with Family

During my first tri I stuck by my Mom’s side the whole time which was actually really great for our first tri. We encouraged each other through each event and ran across the finish line together.

5. The Feeling of Finishing

It’s a great feeling finishing a 5k run but to finish a triathlon is an amazing feeling!

The Ramblin’ Rose is a 250 yard swim, nine mile bike, and 3 mile run. I’m not so worried about the run or the swim but the bike is the part of the race that I will definitely have to train a little harder for.


Snow Update!!

27 Feb

Yesterday I was pleased to wake up for six inches of snow outside! This is why we have missed out on class for almost two weeks. Last week we only managed to get an inch or two but yesterday’s snow was so great!


Our dogs definitely enjoyed this weather! We took them on short walk which they loved! Daisy (on the far right) especially enjoyed catching snowballs in her mouth. We only get snow like this once every year or two so it’s exciting when it does come. And of course you can’t have snow like this and NOT make snowmen! My brother made a “snow alien” and I tried to make an Olaf look alike but I’m not sure it looks much like him…


There wasn’t much damage from this snow storm around this area. A lot of people were without energy but fortunetly our power didn’t go out, just our internet for the day. The worst damage we saw around our neighborhood was just a small trees down on the paths but nothing big.


It was nice to end the day by a fire with a movie and hot cocoa!

Snow Week Update

25 Feb

It’s no secret that I’ve been a bit MIA for a little over a week. I started my new job three weeks ago and my CNA course two weeks ago so as you can imagine, my life has become a bit more hectic since than!

Last week we were out of class all week because of North Carolina snow (and ice) so, believe it or not, I spent a lot of that time studying for our first exam. It’s a bit odd being back in school but I’m glad I have found something that is making me happy and I have finally taken the first step to the rest of my life (cheesy sounding, I know!).

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 9.22.56 PM

As far as my fitness goals… well, lets just say they have been a bit inexistent since I started my new class. Last week during the snow days I tried to make my 10,000 steps each day but lets be real, I was enjoying my days off just like everyone else! Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 9.23.10 PM

I’m off the rest of the week because of more snow that is suppose to be arriving tonight so not only will I be enjoying my days off, but I also have great plans to workout and catch up on some exercising before Monday rolls around again. I am proud to share that I am done with my second week of this CNA course (Does it still count as two weeks complete if we only had lecture class and no lab?) AND I did really well on my first exam!! :D


Hope to update more before my busy schedule picks up again!

Trying a New Workout

10 Feb

I’m one of those people who gets really excited when I find a new workout plan, but I never can seem to keep on top of it and make it a priority in my busy schedule. Yesterday while I was doing some fitness research online I found an article that talked about switching up your workout routine and each day of the week focusing on a different part of your body. I really like the idea of this so I did a little more research, looked at some example routines, and drew out this weekly workout plan!

unnamedI like that each day of the week I can focus on a different body part and it isn’t a long workout!

This week I am starting my CNA classes AND my normal hours at work (which I did not mean to start all at the same time!) so jumping into this busy school / work routine is going to probably be a bit hectic but I’d love to get some workout time in somewhere!


Wish me luck in my first day of classes!

Monthly Goal Recap: January 2015

9 Feb

I think I did a pretty good job keeping up with my monthly goals for January! I think the first month of the year is one of the hardest to keep your goals but I was determined this year and really wanted to make a difference in the way I was eating and working out. Here’s what my month looked like!

Goal #1: Take 10,000 steps a day, five days a week. (22/31)

I hit this goal 22 days this month! That means I didn’t hit my goal nine days! So close to not making it but I would consider this a win! I found myself some days stepping in place towards the end of the day trying to get the last 1,000 steps in right before I went off to bed. This goal definietly helped me get out and get moving which was my biggest motive here. I found myself going on more walks through out the day and volunteering to walk to the store more as well.

Goal #2: Drink eight cups of water everyday. 

Let’s not dive too much into this goal…. let’s just say I didn’t QUITE hit this one. I started the month off by drinking lots of water and drinking eight cups of water everyday for about a week. After that I still drank water but stopped keeping track as much and most likely didn’t drink the full amount. We will still be working on this one for sure!

Goal #3: Eat Healthy

I kept this goal a bit broad because I didn’t want to completely focus on certain foods quite yet. My thought process here was just to eat more healthy foods and stay away from junk food. Let’s say this was a win! I’ve found that I am eating more fruits and vegetables and less sweets and chips!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you may remember me writing that chips are my ultimate “go-to” food. Whenever I was having a crummy day or have a long car ride I’ll get chips to munch on. I realize this isn’t the greatest habit and definitely not the easiest to break but I’m proud to say I’ve been off chips for a few months now! :) More great news, I’ve been off soda since September!!

Miles Ran: 

I’m not entirely sure how many miles I ran in January… again, I kind of stopped tracking mid-month. Oops. I will estimate about 15 miles ran this month (that’s not including the 13 mile bike ride I went on a few weeks ago!).

Races Planned / Completed: 

In January I didn’t have any races planned but I feel like I did pretty well in my training. Because the gym at my girlfriend’s complex is currently under construction I didn’t work out as much as I would have liked to but I’m hoping that will change once the renovations are complete!

Hopefully February will be just as good we January! :)

Rundies For Everyday Runs!

29 Jan

I have to admit that I have never had a favorite brand of underwear until I got these running undies, or randies if I may, for Christmas! The brand is Oiselle and they are the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn, especially while I run!


I’ve seen these rundies online and read so many great reviews, so you can probably imagine I was stoked when I received a pack of them for Christmas. Not only are they super soft and comfortable (great for running) but they are also funny to read! Check these out!


Randies are 100% technical performers, which is why they are so comfortable while training! These are made from a blend of poly/spandex. Plus they have a sense of humor! What could be better?!?! :P

Rundies are suppose to be just as good for running and training! Made from the same material, they are perfect for any workout!

I would suggest these to anybody! The best brand I’ve ever used! :D

Do you have a favorite brand of clothing for your training?

Starting a New Chapter in my Life

28 Jan

After a lot of thought and deliberation I’ve finally made the (long overdue) decision to return to school. Throughout the last year I’ve had on and off thoughts of going back to school but something in the back of my head always told me not to. I’ve never been great in school and the lingering fear that I will fail is exactly what has held me back. Well, I am finally crushing that fear and have registered to my first class since graduating from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in 2011!


Last week when I went to register for the Certified Nursing Assistant class there were TWO seats left! I didn’t realize I needed proof that I have passed basic college english and couldn’t get into the class until I had that to show. The lady at the front desk was so helpful and told me that the class filled up very quickly so to come back with it asap. I only live ten minutes from the school so I drove home and frantically searched through my college file to see what I had to show that I’ve passed basic English… even though my bachelors is in English so obviously I’ve passed many more English classes than needed! I found a copy of my transcript that my advisor had printed for me a year before I graduated. It had listed classes that I had completed and classes I still had to take to graduate on time. I wasn’t sure it was going to work but it’s the best I had so I took that plus all the other papers and quickly drove back to the admissions office. When I got to the window to speak to the same lady she took my papers to see if I had everything and informed me that while I was gone a girl had come and registered so there was only one seat left! I was stoked when she said the paper I brought from college worked to show my english credit and I got the last seat in the class!

BeFunky_Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 1.jpg

I think it will be a bit weird to be in class again, especially since the classes are five hours long! Yes, you read that right! I’m taking the “fast track” route so I’ll be in class for five hours, four times a week for two months. The first half of this course is class work and than comes the clinical part. My classes start two weeks from today and I feel like I’ve been doing pretty good so far about getting everything together. I’ve ordered my book and filled out most of the paperwork… I just have to get all the materials together which I can easily get from my parents since they are in the medical field.

Paperwork to fill out...

Paperwork to fill out…

Hopefully after I receive my CNA certificate at the beginning of April I can find a Medical Sonogram program to get into!


In other news, I’m starting a new job here soon as well. I didn’t really mean to start a job at the same time as starting classes but hopefully I’ll transition into it all pretty smoothly and I won’t have much of a problem. I start my new job this week so I’m hoping I can get through training and have the hang of everything by the time classes start in two weeks!

Still have hopes of keeping up with my race training for the next two weeks but I can almost guarantee that training will slow down while in class.


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