My Week in Alaska

9 Jul

I’ve been back from Alaska for a little over a week now and am definitely keeping myself busy at work but am excited to share my travels and journey (and photos) with everyone! We did so much in the ten days that we were there that I can not possibly share everything we did but I will share my highlights from the week!

We went to Spenard Beach Park to watch float planes land and take off from the water which was amazing!


We drove / hiked to get a good view of Mount McKinley, the highest peak in North America!

Me, Mom, Dad, & Thomas at Mt. McKenley

Me, Mom, Dad, & Thomas at Mt. McKinley

I loved the animals we got to see in Alaska including a caribou, moose (with babies), and even orange tailed squirrels. Not pictured, we also saw a black bear from a distance, lots of bald eagles, seals, otters, and whales!

image1-2During the week we stayed at a ski resort for a night and took the trolly car up the mountain to hike around a bit and play in the snow!


Me and my  brother after hiking up a bit of the mountain to find the snow!

Me and my brother after hiking up a bit of the mountain to find the snow!


One of my favorite things we did was we went on a 5-mile sea kayak trip, than hiked a little over 3 miles, than went whale watching for a few hours!

Kayaking and whales 'bubble feeding'! That was amazing to see!

Kayaking and whales ‘bubble feeding’! That was amazing to see!


On our way to Seward, Alaska, we stopped at a viewing area to get a good glimpse of the mountains and just so happened to see the train pass by!


Another one of my favorite parts of the trip was going to see Exit Glacier! We didn’t hike up to get super close to it but it was amazing to go see a glacier in Alaska!

Exit Glacier in the background!

Exit Glacier in the background!

This is just something cool to share! After the whale watching trip, I found this ‘Before I die I want to….’ board and my mom and I took turns writing our ‘before I die’ dreams. I wrote, “…run a half marathon in every state”!


I REALLY enjoyed Alaska and would suggest going for anyone! I didn’t realize that all of Alaska was pretty much mountains and I usually prefer the beach but these mountains were gorgeous and so beautiful! Keep an eye out for my Mayor’s Midnight Sun Half Marathon Race Recap coming soon!


Happy Fourth of July!

4 Jul


Alaska in THREE DAYS!!

10 Jun

Three days until I leave for Alaska and I couldn’t be more excited! I started to pack over the weekend when I was home from working at camp and threw a lot of pants and hoodies into my bag but I still have a ways to go before I am fully packed.

I have a friend who is currently in Alaska and she says that it’s defiantly colder than here in North Carolina. I think I will have a bit of a shock when I get there and I am unable to wear shorts and t-shirts anymore but instead it will feel like November! I don’t like cold weather, and especially don’t like running in cold weather, so I’m not really sure what my thought process was in running a race in Alaska but running in June is probably my best bet in trying to get warm (er) weather!


We are flying into Anchorage Friday morning and staying there for the night before moving on to other parts of the state for the week. My family and I have decided to spend the week in Alaska since we have never been and it will also give us a chance to get used to the altitude and chilly weather before our big half marathon next Saturday!

I was doing pretty good in my training until about three weeks ago when I moved into camp for the summer and since than I have been slacking quite a bit in running and training. I spent my first week here at camp teaching a lifeguarding course to some of our staff members and than jumped right into training staff. I would be lying if I said this wasn’t an exhausting job but it’s a job I love, despite the very little free time.

Keep posted as I’m sure I’ll be keeping you all up to date on Alaska plans and photos… lots and lots of photos!

Here’s Big Race News!!

20 May

I’ve had some big news that I’ve been waiting to share until I knew plans were finalized. Just last week we (almost) finished planning and now I think it’s safe that I can share…. I’m running my next half marathon in Alaska in June!!!


In just about a month I will be running the Mayor’s Midnight Sun Half Marathon in Anchorage, Alaska! A friend of mine knows that I have a goal of running a half marathon in every state and therefore bought my entry for this race as a Christmas present last year. My parents decided that if I was going out there to run a race than they wanted to not only come along with me but run the race as well so both my parents and I are signed up for this half marathon in about a month!

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 7.06.59 AM

I’m really excited but super nervous at the same time. I’ve never been to Alaska but I know the altitude is very different than here in North Carolina and the temperature is colder. I’ve been doing better about training for this half marathon so hopefully that training will pay off when I get there despite the big differences.


You can’t tell much by the map but the half marathon takes place on the coast, which doesn’t mean there won’t be hill. I’m just glad we aren’t in the heart of the mountains during this race! I’ve also had to consider the weather and the temperature of Alaska in June. I have a friend who went to Alaska in the fall and said it was cold even in August so I’m not expecting tanning weather. I’ll defiently pack more pants and long sleeves than anything!

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 7.26.26 AM… And about this day light all day everyday in Alaska. I’m worried I’m not going to sleep at all for the week that I’m there! Thankfully we are going out there seven days before the race so we can all get used to the weather and altitude before race day!

If you have ever ran the Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon in Anchorage let me know some pointers!! I’m super excited and can’t wait to get there and finally visit Alaska!

Motivational Monday

11 May

Here’s some great motivation to keep us all going this week! I’ve been feeling off track lately and this week I’ve made it a goal to hope back on my fitness and healthy eating goals! I’ll need all the motivation I can get this week. Happy Monday!




Zucchini Boats Recipe

4 May

Last week my girlfriend and I were looking for new healthy recipes and we came across this one for Zucchini Boats! I’m not a huge fan of zucchini but I thought I’d try it and it turned out to be quite good!

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 3.37.20 PM

Here’s what to do!

1) Preheat oven at 400 degrees.

2) Slice zucchini in half long ways and spoon out the ‘guts’ or middle of the vegetable until it resembles a boat.

3) Sauté onions in oil and butter until they are light brown in color. You can add some curry powder if you like a little spice to your dish! Transfer into a big mixing bowl.

4) We made this dish vegetarian so instead of bacon we heated up vegetarian crumbles and added them to the big mixing bowl with the onions.

5) Add 1tsp of dried thyme, 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of salt, 1 tbsp of greek yogurt, and a little pepper to the bowl and mix everything together.

6) Lightly butter a baking dish and put the zucchini boats in. Grab a spoon and fill the shells with the mix. Sprinkle some cheese on top.

7) Cook in oven for about 20 minutes until the cheese is melted and the top is a golden brown.

Serve & Enjoy!



Even though Zucchini isn’t my favorite vegetable, these were a good (and easy) dish to have for a quick lunch! If you’re doing the 21-day fix challenge than it counts for 1 red, 2-3 green, and 1 blue. That’s it! Let me know your thoughts!

21-Day Fix: Week 1

28 Apr

A week ago I started a fitness program called 21-Day Fix! I’ve read good things about it and decided since it’s a 21 day challenge I have just enough time in-between my busy class schedule and summer camp that I can make this work!


Each day there is a 30-minute workout video that you follow & than I usually fit in a walk in my day too to get closer to hitting my 10,000 step goal. The workouts aren’t bad at all! It’s 30-minutes of hardcore sweating but I have been amazed how great I feel after finishing the days video!


The “clean eating” part is the hardest part for me. For awhile I’ve wanted to clean eat for a month and kind of reset my body to eating healthier. I can officially say that I think after only a week of clean eating I have reset my body to eating healthy foods. Now when I see that random package of gummies on the counter or are offered chips at camp events, I decline them without having second thoughts!

Here’s what the eating plan is! You can have so many portions of each color a day and each color has a measurement for the portion. I don’t STICK 100% to this eating plan because I want to make sure I’m not restricting myself of certain portions of food a day, but I am sticking to the food list since I want to be eating more healthy foods and not junk!

Here’s what the plan looks like:

Green: 3 portions a day (each portion = 1 cup)

Purple: 2 portions a day (each portion = 1 cup)

Yellow: 2 portions a day (each portion = 1/2 cup)

Blue: 1 portion a day (each portion = 1/3 cup)

Orange: 1 portion a day (each portion = 3 TBLS)

Red: 4 portions a day (each portion = 2/3 cup)

FixContainersVegansIt sounds like the plan is restricting the food you are eating but really when you look at all the food you can eat in a day it’s ALOT! I normally don’t even eat all the food that is on my list for the day! One of the hardest parts is not having a lot of sweet foods on the list BUT we’ve come up with a lot of new recipes that are so delicious and healthy!!

One of my favorite meals we’ve had this week is this lunch sandwich I’ve made a number of times!

FullSizeRender_2 copyIngredients:

Pita bread (1 portion of yellow)

Veggie chicken patty (1 portion of red)

Hummus (1/3 portion of blue)

Snap peas (1/4 portion of green)

I had this sandwich for about four days in a row before I realized I wanted to try some new recipes!

Keep an eye out for more NEW recipes I’ll be posting in the next week!


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