What Having a Gym Membership Means to Me

17 May

I recently became a member of a gym for the first time in my life! Since I was in college I’ve had thoughts about joining a gym but there always seemed to be something that held me back. Joining the near by gym about a month ago has been amazing for me!!

Thinking about joining a gym? Here are some benefits to having a gym membership and what it means to me!

  1. Find support and encouragement in other members

On the first day I went to the gym I met a gentlemen who stopped me to ask me about the KT tape on my knee which led to a 20 minute conversation about his past in the Navy, marathon running, and training tips and tricks. I’m not normally the type of person to sit and talk to strangers but I loved taking the time to talk to other members while stretching after my workout!


2.Find your place at the gym

I joined the gym with the thought of running the treadmill so many times a week and than swimming the laps along with the swim scheduale. In the last month of being a member I have found that I do enjoy the treadmill BUT I have found interest in the stationary bike and the eliptical as well! I haven’t quite made it as far as the pool yet!


  1. Fitness classes

Our gym is great and offers different classes to give there members a variety of training! I’ve done a spinning class before which was hard (especially for someone who had never done a spin class before) but I highly enjoyed it! I have goals of joining a zumba class soon, that’s one of my favorite cross fitness courses!

  1. Flexible Hours

I would highly encourage a new member to check out the hours of there gym! Upon joining our gym I knew they were not open 24/7 like many other gyms, but they do open early enough I can go after work in the morning or go late in the evening if I want to get in a good workout right before bed. Our lap swim hours are only in the wee hours of the morning and our fitness classes are mainly in the mid morning which is all good to know as a new member!


  1. Maintain Health and Fitness Goals.

I have many health and fitness goals and I have found that by having a gym membership it MAKES me go to the gym, afterall I want to make sure I am getting the most out of this membership! I’ve also found that working out makes me want to eat healthier! When I come home from the gym I find myself grabbing healthy snacks and making smoothies which is a better alternative!


I have highly enjoyed having a membership to a gym for many reasons and I would recomend it to anyone serious to getting fit and healthy!


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