Tasty Tuesday

11 Apr

Every Sunday we sit down as a family and enjoy a home cooked meal for lunch. We have been cooking some pretty delicious meals lately and I want to start sharing them on my blog for others to enjoy.

Here’s a home made BBQ pizza that is quick and real simple to make for your and your family.

Step 1: We used pre made pizza dough and Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce as the base of our pizza.


Step 2: Use black beans, corn, and tomatoes to spread out over the BBQ sauce. You can use any type of toppings (vegetables, meat, etc.) but this is my favorite way to make it.



Step 3: Add your favorite type of cheese on top and melt in the oven for about 20 minutes at 340 degrees.


Step 4: After pulling your pizza from the oven, let cool and ENJOY!


   This is an easy recipe that even kids can help prep and it takes no time at all!


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