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Medal Monday Throwback

6 Nov

We recently bought a new house and are still working on hanging all our decorations up and making it our home. A few weeks ago I finally decided where to hang all my race medals and my wife put them up for me. As I was hanging up each medal, one by one, it made me realize that I’ve put a lot of time, training, and determination into each and every one of my races. I was reflecting on each race I’ve ran (biked, swam, etc.) and it makes me so proud of what I’ve accomplished thus far!

  • Best Race Scenery: Amica Rhode Island

Before I ran this Half Marathon in Rhode Island, I read so many comments about just the views during the course. I didn’t believe there was anything that special until I ran the race for myself! The 13.1 miles took us along the coast of the state where we ran along the waters edge nearly the whole time. The race took place in October so the weather was abit on the cold side but the breeze from the ocean was perfect after a few miles of running!


  •    Most Fun Race: Disney World Half Marathon

I’ve ran a lot of fun races so this was hard to choose but ultimately I think Disney was full of so much energy and the atmosphere was beyond amazing that this would be my most fun race! I ran the Disney World Half Marathon in 2009 and though I wasn’t much for waiting in line DURING the race to get photos with the characters it was neat to see them at the start and finish cheering everyone on!

*Let’s not mention my baby face and the fact that I look exhausted from just finishing the race! haha*


  • Favorite Medal: Mardi Gras Mambo 10k

I have a lot of ‘favorite’ medals that I could list but one of my top favorites is the medal I got from the Mardi Gras Mambo 10k in Baton Rouge. My mom and I spent the weekend in Baton Rouge and ran the 10k together. That was my first 10k race and I was actually really surprised how much I loved the distance! At the finish line we got our clay finisher medals that hangs off of mardi gras beads!! Also my first medal that isn’t a ‘medal’ so that makes me love the clay medal even more!


  • Race Farthest From Home: Mayor’s Midnight Sun, Alaska

A little over two years ago I traveled to Alaska to run the Mayor’s Midnight Sun Half Marathon alongside my parents. We spent a little over a week in Alaska and I was amazed by everything there, even all the people we met were so incredibly nice and helpful!



In a little less than a week we will be in Las Vegas for another run and I can’t wait to add more medals and more memories to my race collection!

What’s your favorite race you have ever participated in?









Motivational Monday

24 Nov


This is something I need to remind myself each and every day. I tend to get so discouraged by how much farther I have in my trainings that I don’t remember where I started years ago and how far I’ve come. What a great reminder! Happy Monday!

Motivational Monday

17 Nov


Motivational Monday

8 Sep


This is such great motivation to do everything you can TODAY for a better tomorrow!

Motivational Monday

1 Sep



This is what I need to remind myself everyday! In training and out of training.. this is incredible!

Motivational Monday

25 Aug


Even the small workouts are worth it! 

Motivational Monday

28 Jul


Love this! Just reminds me to keep going strong with every step! 🙂 Happy Monday!