Tasty Tuesday – Bahama Edition

23 May

In all the commotion of our busy schedules here, I never did update on our week vacation to the Bahamas about a month ago! We had a great deal to a resort in Freeport so we took advantage of it during Spring Break and had an absolute blast!

One of my favorite parts of traveling are trying new foods and we got to try some amazing new *vegetarian* dishes while we were down there! On our first night in Freeport my wife, daughter, and I took a ferry into town and ate at a Greek restuarnt. I ordered an AMAZING falafel gyro that I couldn’t finish in one sitting, but it was just as good as a midnight snack!


We had a suite room that included a kitchenette so we went to the grocery store and bought Bohemian rum and some juice so we could make our own drinks all week long. My wife made an amazing drink with mango Bohemian rum and hurricane juice (much like our fruit punch) that we drank sipped on all week.


A few days later my wife and I went back into town and went back to the Greek restuarnt to the bakery section to have a traditional Bohemian coffee and some delicious treats! The Bohemian coffee had coconut rum, coffee, and whipped cream which was really strong for 10am but I’m glad I tried it! Our treats included vanilla biscuits with vanilla creme & a vanilla, strawberry jello like treat with a strawberry topping. It was all good but very filling, we had to bring some back to our room but I guarentee they were all gone by the next day!


One night our resort had a Bohemian Night which consisted of traditional Bohemian dancing and tastings of wine and some food from the Bahamas. Our sample plate consisted of pineapple upside down cake, rum cake, guava cake, and a coconut caramel snack. I was really excited about the pineapple upside down cake and thought that was going to be my favorite dish but I actually like the coconut caramel snack the best!


One of the things I really wanted to do while in the Bahamas was drink out of a real coconut. The first few days we looked for a booth that sold them but we had no such luck BUT we did run into another guest at our resort who told us that if you find the maintenance man by the pool early in the morning and tell him you want a fresh coconut he will try and find some to cut down for you. My wife went down by the pool early one morning and asked him for a few coconuts and just an hour later we heard a knock on our door. The maintenance man had found FOUR fresh coconuts for us and chucked them open for us! We sipped on those all week!! I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would but I’m glad I tried it!


   We had a blast in Freeport and hope to return shortly!




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