October Goals!

4 Oct

The weather is getting cooler outside, the fall colors are coming in and that means it’s time for some new goals for the month! In September I refrained from drinking soda which was hard at first but I’m glad I did it! I have to say I reached for my water bottle more times this past month which was a great feeling. I also leaned a lot on my morning coffee but I’m working on that one.

October is one of my favorite months. I do not like cold weather but the temperate of October is a good feeling for me. Chilly enough to wear boots and a light jacket but not freezing enough to wear a scarf, gloves, and three pairs of pants! I think October is one of the best months to get out and exercise because the weather is wonderful and the colors on the trees are the best motivation to get outdoors!

I’ve decided to continue my no soda streak as I feel I need to continue drinking more water. I’ve also decided to not eat chips or ice cream this month. Last year about this time I gave up chips for the month (read my experience HERE) and that was tough. Chips are pretty much my go-to food so unfortunately that means I eat a lot of chips… more than I should. I was able to stop eating them for a month last year so I know I can do it again!



I also don’t think giving up ice cream will be that hard either. I like ice cream but it’s so filling that after I eat it I feel almost nasty and full at the same time. I would much prefer sherbet if I’m going for something cold. Though with this chilly weather coming in I don’t typically turn to cold treats.


I have a friend who is doing a ‘no-spend’ month which mean she is only spending money on the necessities; gas, bills, and basic food for her house. I’ve decided to try and do that this month as well. I don’t find that I spend a lot of unnecessary money but when my hopeful plans to return to school soon I feel like this will help me save for that!

So there you have it! My new October Goals!

1. No Soda

2. No Chips

3. No Ice Cream

4. No spending unnecessary money

Hopefully by giving up all these junk foods I will be reaching for more fruits and vegetables and continuing my path down a healthy lifestyle!


Anyone else have similar goals for the month?

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