Three Things Thursday

16 Oct

I’ve been a bit busy this week so here an update on some things I’m excited about this month!

1) October Goals Update

At the beginning of the month I posted a few goals I had for the month (HERE). My biggest goals this month is to stay away from unhealthy foods that I usually reach for; soda (specifically diet coke), chips, and ice cream. I have to say this is going well so far. I’m quite embarrassed to say that I broke the no chips streak at 2 days… oops! It was an honest mistake though! A friend of mine took me out to dinner one night at a mexican restaurant that give you a basket of chips and salsa before your meal. I didn’t think about it and just started eating them. It wasn’t until the end of the meal when we were paying that I realized what I had done. SINCE than I haven’t touched chips!

2) Eating Healthy

I’ve tried really hard lately to eat healthier. Just yesterday someone said to me, “You eat so healthy!” which made me feel great but I have a long way to go. I have always been the type of person to skip breakfast, Yes, the best meal of the day, so I’m trying to eat something healthy and filling for breakfast to get my day started on the right track. I’ve also been cooking a lot more lately! The spaghetti squash recipe was a huge hit when I shared it so keep an eye out for more recipes to come!

5) It’s Hockey Season!

I am so excited that it is hockey season! Ice Hockey is my favorite sport and, though our local team isn’t the BEST team out there, it’s still a great deal of fun to watch! My best friend from high school invited me to go watch a game with her last week. Our team lost but it was still awesome to catch up with her!

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