No Chips November

1 Nov

If you know me well you know that I love chips! I could eat chips with every meal if I let myself. I think I eat them too often though. That’s why I want to try and avoid them for the month of November. That’s my goal… No Chips in November.


I think this will be a hard goal for me at first because I see chips as my best food friend and yet my worst enemy. It’s the food that I look forward to the most at fourth of July celebrations or friend get togethers and yet it’s also the food I go to when I’m sad or mad or even when I’m bored… like on long car trips. That’s the worst, when I know I’m going to be driving for a long time (anything over an hour) I find that I tend to eat while I drive and most of the time it’s chips that I’m munching on. (Another reason why my car can never stay clean!) It sucks that my ‘go-to’ food can’t be something healthy like fruit or veggies…. :/

I think this will be a hard goal at first but it will probably be better for me to stop cold turkey. That’s what I did when I stopped chewing gum (back in middle school) and stopped eating meat (January 1st, 2007). I don’t think that I will completely stop eating chips like I did gum and meat but hopefully this will at least help me to not eat so many after November. My whole goal here is to eat healthier… more fruit, more veggies, more ‘healthier’ snacks. I want to find something as a replacement to eat in the car when the drive is long and I get those cravings. Perhaps if I keep snack bars in my car or granola that will help with the chip cravings. Here’s some of my favorite snack-y type foods that I suppose could be good for eating in the car… except for the pistachios, not so sure about eating those and driving!






I’m seeing this as going one of two ways. Either i’ll be really good about finding alternative foods to eat (like fruits, nuts, granola bars) OR I’ll find other junk food to eat (sour patch kids, frosted covered animal crackers, ice cream). I think if I make it a goal to not buy other types of junk food that will help too, but who knows how long staying away from other junk food will last.

During the month I know it will be hard but when I look back as to the sole reason I am giving up chips (to hopefully be healthier and choose better foods) I think it will make me want to accomplish this goal even more. Here’s to no chips in November!

3 Responses to “No Chips November”

  1. Marcia November 1, 2013 at 20:51 #

    Ooooh good luck with being chip-free! That’s a great goal. I’m doing the Grain Brain Challenge this month and I’ve tried to cut out all the junk. Not easy with Halloween.

  2. kristenk November 8, 2013 at 03:09 #

    Good luck! Whenever I’m craving chips and dip I’ll eat carrot chips (carrots pre-sliced into wavy slices) with PB. It’s not the same taste, but kind of feels like eating chips. Kind of…


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