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Merry Christmas!

25 Dec



Christmas Break 2013

30 Dec

Looking at my calendar I’ve realized it has been far too long since posting! I’ll tell you making your Christmas presents really takes a tole on your free time, but I think it’s totally worth it when people open them! Now that Christmas has come and gone I can share some of the presents that I made for my family this year.

I always try and do something small for each of my parents and than a big present for them together. My mom has been talking the past couple of years about hanging photographs up in our house so I put together these framed photos of all the dogs we’ve had/have. Needless to say, they loved it! The picture of the photo frame is a bit odd but it’s the best I could get.


My sister loves elephants (I think a lot of that love started when we traveled to South Africa together a few years back and we spent one afternoon walking, feed, and riding elephants) so for the past couple of Christmas’ her gift has been elephant themed. This year I decided to make a simple canvas painting for her. Well simple is what I thought. All I have to say is that I’m glad I bought a 2-pack of canvases. I ended up messing up the first one (majorly) and re-painted the entire thing on Christmas Eve. The second one turned out so much better though, I was very pleased with it!


The mountain in the background is actually Table Mountain, a popular mountain in Cape Town, South Africa that we went up on a cloudy day while we were there. My sister loves it and is planning on hanging it up in her apartment!

As in one of my previous post I expressed my Dad’s like for Spongebob. For the past ten or eleven years I have created a new character from the TV show for his to display on his desk at work. This year I created (probably the only reoccurring characters that are left for me to make) two of the shows biggest super heroes. I figured since they were together most often on the show than they should come as a package deal.

Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy

Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy

I have to say these turned out a lot better than expected! Another gift that I had to try and do a few times before getting it right (though I blame most of that on the dried out clay I tried to use). It took Dad a few minutes to think of their names but I think he recognized them as soon as he opened the box. He also said he is going to have to find a new location to display his collection as they are starting to take up a great amount of room on his desk!

For my brother I recycled an empty circle Coke bottle and made it into a Christmas ornament for him. Two years ago I had this crazy idea to paint a Mario on one of those holiday circle Coke bottles and make it into an ornament for him. It turned out a bit funny looking but my brother liked it non the less. I skipped last year because I had another idea of a present for him but this year went back to making an ornament of Luigi this time. I don’t have a photo of these ornaments yet but I’ll be sure to take one and post it shortly!

Than for my Mom I designed a magazine cover with her photo on it! This was a tricky one to do but I had the idea for months and wanted so badly to make it work. I think it turned out pretty good, and she loves it!


It’s a bit flimsy so she hasn’t brought it to work to show her co-workers yet but she is excited to share it with everyone!

That’s just a glimpse of what our Christmas looked like! Hope everyone had a good holiday! Back to running entries shortly!

Christmas Happenings 2012

29 Dec

Christmas Eve

This Christmas had been so great! Christmas Eve my family sat down in the living room to watch out traditional TV shows before heading off to bed. For a few years now we will watch ‘Mr. Bean’s Christmas’ (an English Comedy… one of my family’s favorites) and Spongebob’s Christmas. Not really sure when this started or how but we’ve kept it up now for quite a few years!



Christmas Day!

This year was so great when it came to running stuff! I am so excited to start using all of it! First off, I asked my parents for a new sports watch since the last one I had broke over the summer. I found a watch at Target that was pretty cheap and would work for the typical timing my runs that I wanted it for. INSTEAD they bought me a super nice Garmin watch!!


  I love that it’s pink too! If you were to have asked me just two years ago what my favorite color was I can tell you it defiantly was NOT pink but just in the past couple of months pink has grown on me. I’ve started playing with it and getting used to all the functions. Luckily it doesn’t seem that hard which is great! I’m so excited about this!

   My parents also got me THIN toe socks to wear with my vibrams in the winter. I’ve worn them for a couple of 5k races in these winter months and I must admit, these shoes are not the warmest shoes for runners. Though I didn’t want any thick socks to wear with them, it is nice to have a thin type of sock to have to wear during this chilly months!

image (1)

   My parents also framed some racing photos of me from my half marathon in Rhode Island in October. We usually don’t buy the professional photos because they are too expensive but when my Mom and Dad saw they photos of me running they decided to order a couple and get them framed for me. I love them and can’t wait to hang them up in my house!

image (5)

My sisters present is pretty creative! She bought me a poster of the United States and than made stickers of medals that I can label my time of each race I do so when I’ve completed a state I can fill out the sticker and stick it to the poster! I have plans to start that project as soon as I find a place to hang up the map in my room!

image (2)

image (3)

The medal stickers!

I went to have lunch with a dear friend a few days after Christmas and what she got me was amazing! The only clue she gave me before Christmas was that it had to do with my running the states. I didn’t know exactly what it was but if it has to do with running I’m usually pretty stoked about it! When she gave it to me I wanted to open it and start working on it right away! She bought me a scratch off map of the US! I’ve seen them before and thought about buying one but never got around to it. Once again, haven’t opened it yet, but apparently the map is designed with the US flag and once you start scratching off the states it reveals a road map!

image (4)

   Believe it or not, that’s not all! When my girlfriend got back in town we exchanged gifts and among the many things she got me one of the things was a new NEON running top! YAY! I love the thin running tops that I can wear in the winter but I love them even more when they are bright colors.


   It looks a little dark in the photo but it’s so bright! I love it! I can’t wait to try all this running gear out! Be ready for reviews on everything as I start to unpack it all! 🙂

   Hope everyone had a great holiday!