Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh Remix Challenge 2017: Race Recap (Part Two)

6 Apr

Sunday morning was our long awaited Half Marathon here in Raleigh, not to mention my wife’s very FIRST half marathon!! The weeks leading up to the race she was so nervous and had mixed feelings about it, but she kept telling me, “I’m going to finish” and with that attitude I knew she would be alright!

Pre Race


The temperatures on race day were probably in the 50’s so not freezing, but cool enough for a light jacket. Mom and Dad opted for the throw away kind (a surgical scrub top cover and a trash bag) which worked amazingly!

The race started at 7am and we crossed the start line at 7:17am, I would have to say that is probably the quickest we have ever crossed the start line at a Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon!


This was Danielle’s first half marathon so we stuck together and encouraged each other while Mom and Dad went ahead. We decided to jog on the flatter and down hill parts of the course and take it a little slower during the dreaded uphills of downtown.


We kept a pretty steady speed for the first nine miles and than had to slow down because the hills started getting the best of us. Danielle & I kept telling ourselves “just one foot in front of the other”, that seemed to be our motto from mile nine to the finish line!


Around mile ten there was a huge board from Humana that read #StartWithHealthy that looked really familiar. I realized that board was at the expo and a lady from the company asked me to participate and write down, “What inspires you to be healthy?”. I took a good look at the board and my sticky note was on it!! I wrote, ‘To be the best version of myself that I can’. That was an exciting surprise and definely pushed me to finish the race strong!

Before we knew it, we were at mile 11 and so close to the finish! This is where some of the steapest hills were so we really had to push hard and tell each other, “We can do this!”


Mom and Dad finished about 20 minutes before us and cheered us on as we crossed the finish line! We all made our way to the Red Hat Amphatheatre to claim our extra medal for completing both the 5k and half marathon!


This is the fourth year Mom, Dad, and I have completed the Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh Half Marathon and I feel it just gets better and better each year!


Medals from all four years of the RnR Raleigh Half Marathon!




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