Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh Remix Challenge 2017: Race Recap (Part One)

4 Apr

This past weekend my wife & I went back to our home state of North Carolina to participate in the Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh Remix Challenge. This weekend is always jam-packed but we were prepared this year, and thankfully the weather was MUCH warmer than last year!

My parents, my wife, and I all did the Remix Challenge where we ran the 5k race on Saturday and then the half marathon on Sunday. Lots of running in one weekend but we kept our chin up and encouraged each other through every step of the way!

Pre Race

Friday when we got into Raleigh we went to the race expo which always seems to get me pumped and excited for the upcoming races. We picked up our shirts and bib numbers than explored the rest of the expo a bit.

My mom, wife, and I went by a Toyota booth where we got free head bands tie-dyed in the colors we wanted! That was probably one of my favorite booths!


After the expo we found a vegetarian friendly place to eat dinner. Both my Dad & I are vegetarians (and my sister and brother who weren’t there this weekend) so we always try to find friendly places to us to safely eat. Last year we went to a place called Be Good which we loved so we decided to go there again for our pre-5k dinner. I got a veggie cheese burger and sweet potato fries that was delicious! Best part of this place was that it was right next to our hotel so we didn’t have to walk far, on full stomachs, to get to our room and prepare for our race the next morning.


Veggie cheese burger and sweet potato fries from Be Good! Yum!

Race Day

The morning on the 5k the temperatures were in the 40’s, a tad warmer than last year. We still opted to stand in the sun to try to stay warmer, even if it was farmer away from the start line! Mom and Dad didn’t bring jackets so Dad ended up pulling his arms in his shirt to try and stay warm, much like a few years ago before the start of the half marathon here in Raleigh.


‘No arms Dad’ in 2014 (left) & ‘No arms Dad’ in 2016 (right).


Danielle & I waiting at the start line for the 5k to start.


After a few photo ops, and waiting in line to use the porta potty, we were finally ready to start our 5k!

Most of this 5k took place on the roads of downtown Raleigh but we did run through some trails too. It started to really warm up just past mile one so we ended up wrapping out light jackets around our waist.

Danielle & I stuck to a two-minute run, two-minute walk interval which worked well for the 3.1 mile jog. My Mom and Dad crossed the finish line first but not long before me and Danielle came in.

Post Race

Another 5k in the books for us! We all finished strong and really enjoyed the early morning 3.1 jog around Raleigh!


Once we completed the race we headed towards the bus line to get a ride back towards our hotel. We stuck around the hotel for a bit where Dad took a nap and Danielle, Mom, and I went to the pool for a bit. After some relaxing time at the hotel we decided to venter out around downtown Raleigh, so we found a cute little ice cream shop to get some well deserved dessert and then roamed around the Museum of Natural History for a few hours. The museum was really neat but we only had time to explore the first floor (out of three) before we had to head out to Fiction Kitchen for some dinner!

Fiction Kitchen is a really great vegan restaurant in Raleigh that we all love but they are quite small, and don’t take reservations, so we decided to get there about 20 minutes before they open to make sure we got a table. I’m glad we got there when we did because shortly after we arrived there was a huge line that formed down the sidewalk! I got the BBQ “chicken” with cole slaw, potatoes, and black beans. It was all so delicious and filling!

Once finished with our early dinner we headed back to the hotel to get a good nights rest for our half marathon in the morning!

**Keep and eye out for part two of my recap coming shortly!**


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