Color Vibe 5k: Race Recap

30 Mar

A few weeks ago my parents came down to South Carolina so my Mom could run the Color Vibe 5k with us! The weekend was jam packed but we had so much fun!

Pre Race

The morning of the race we were all layered in clothing because it was so cold! Thank goodness they had zumba pre race to warm us up!! That was so much fun! I attended a zumba class with my sister a few years ago and forgot how much I loved it! After a bit of zumba we took off some layers of clothing and gave them to my Dad to hold since we was a spectator for this race.


This Color Vibe 5k was held at the Darlington Race Way which was so neat because we actually got to run on the race track!



They started us in corrals because there were so many people! The color stations were at the start line and than every mile after that. I have to say I think I got more color on me this Color Vibe 5k than the last Color Run I did, it may be because not only did they have volunteers to throw color at runners but they also had leave blowers spraying color on everyone! That was so creative!!

My Mom, my wife, and my two step kids stunk together for the first little bit and than my Mom and step son ran ahead.


We started running on the outside of the race track and than entered the gates to run inside ON the track. I’ve never been to the Darlington Race Way but it’s kind of a big deal down here!



My Wife & I during the Color Vibe!! 

Post Race

My Mom and step son crossed the finish line before we did so they were cheering us on with my Dad while my wife, step daughter, and I finished! There was music playing, color flying, and good vibes everywhere!! We stuck around for a bit for the dance party and color throws.


The Color Vibe was a great fun race, this would be amazing for any beginner jogger / runner!!



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