Sticking to New Years Resolutions while Traveling

24 Feb

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do! There are so many aspects of it that I love, but I’ve realized that keeping New Years resolutions or goals is tough while you are on the road.

My 2017 New Years goals are all about living a healthy lifestyle and since I have a life goal of running a half marathon in every state I’ll be focusing on keeping those goals met while traveling in the States. I’ve put together some tips and tricks to sticking to your goals while you travel, all taken from personal experience!

  1. Get a Fitness Tracker!

I’ve come to love the Fitbit fitness trackers. I started with the Fitbit Charge where I started keeping track of my 10,000 steps per day. I now have the Charge 2! It not only tracks my steps but also has running options, mileage run, and even has a built in heart monitor. On the Fitbit app you can challenge others in your step goals and strive to finish in first place! That’s the number one reason I love my Fitbit, it motivates me to not only walk for my health but no matter where I am I can challenge friends in daily, weekday, or weekend step wars!


Fitbit Charge


Fitbit Charge 2

2. Drink Water

It’s no secret that drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your body. When I’m traveling I am always on the move so it’s extra important that I’m giving my body what it most needs. I tend to carry around a water bottle with me and fill it up every chance I get! If I always have it on me it’s more of a chance I will drink more water!


3. Eat Healthy (ish)

I love to eat healthy for a number of reasons but the top reason is that when I eat healthier foods I find I have more energy throughout the day to do more things! I don’t like feeling tired all the time so I’ve tried to cut out unhealthy sugars and sweets (keyword is TRIED).


A vegan dish from Fiction Kitchen in Raleigh, NC.

I say eat healthy (ish) because though it’s important to feed your body the right fruits and vegetables, I always like to treat myself when I travel. I can always find new foods that I’ve never tried before and some of those are sweets! You have to balance out your diet, right? 😛

Fruit topped with Ice Cream

Ice cream and fruit from South Africa! By far the best dessert from that trip!

4. Be Realistic

It’s nice to say that while you are on vacation that you are going to go to the gym at your hotel at least three times a week, or not eat junk food, or go to bed at 10pm every night but let’s be realistic here.

When I’m on vacation I like to keep my New Years goals in mind but I also know that vacation means a break. My main goal while on vacation is spending the time with the people I love, discover new places, staying up late and getting up early… usually I don’t plan out my day hour-by-hour, but have a few things booked and have the rest just fall into place as we go. If I have time to squeeze in a trip to the gym or find a new trail to run in between family time than awesome, but I will never be disappointed in myself for straying from my goals just a little bit while touring a new place!

5. Make it Social

I have found that if I am sharing my journey with others on social media that I am more determined and motivated to do more. It’s amazing what the internet can do these days! Between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, blogging, etc. you can find that group of people who share the same interest as you and motivate each other.

6. Keep a Positive Attitude

The word that I want to focus on in 2017 is positivity! I think it’s so important that in whatever you do, you pull something positive out of the situation (easier said than done sometimes).

As I mentioned before, if I don’t hit all my New Years goals while traveling it’s ok. No one is perfect. I just have to say, “Pick yourself up and try again. What will I do differently next time to help me achieve these goals?” Just stay positive, work hard, and know that you only live once so enjoy every day that you are blessed to have!


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