Five Things Friday: Motivation

20 Jan

Let’s talk about motivation. Something I always need in my life!In the past I’ve thought about making a motivation wall in my house; a section of the wall in my office where I can put encouraging quotes or photos to motivate me to do the best in my training. It’s in the process of being up as I’m brainstorming how I want it laid out.

Lately I’ve been reminding myself of all the things I have going for me, especially on days when I don’t feel prepared for upcoming races or runs where I feel slower than usual.


Here are things that keep me motivated to keep moving forward!

  1. My Health

If you had asked me a few years ago if I thought I was healthy, I would have replied, “of course! I eat my fruits and vegetables and rarely eat sweets”. In the past year or so I’ve realized that there is so much more to being healthy than just what you eat. I have worked really hard the past few years to get my body (and mind) to a healthy place and, though some days I struggle, I believe I have made a huge step in the right direction!

2. My Fit Goals

I have some great goals in place for myself in the upcoming year. These include completing my fourth consecutive year of the Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh half marathon in April, get a PR in my 5k time, train for the Ramblin’ Rose Triathlon in October, reach for healthy snacks instead of sweet, sugary candies, among a few other personal goals. These goals motivate me and talk to me everyday so I can be a better person, physically and mentally!

3. Feel Prepared for the Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh races in April

Speaking of training, I REALLY want to go into April feeling prepared to run the Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh 5k and the half marathon, on back-to-back days. Last year was the first year they had the 5k in addition to the half marathon and my parents and I ran them both, which was a little easier than I anticipated. This year I AM going in feeling ready to beast these races and encourage my wife in her first half marathon!!


The first race my wife came to cheer me on, the Bull Moon Ride & Run 5k in 2014. This was the evening after our first date 🙂

4. Being a Good Role Model

I love encouraging others in their training and race adventures, it’s seriously one of my favorite things! After I cross the finish line at races I will get my bottle of water and a snack and just stand at the finish line cheering on everyone who finishes after me! If you watch carefully you can see the emotion those runners have; my favorite are those who have tears of happiness never thinking they would finish a long 13.1 miles and their face as they take that step over the finish line is unforgettable! Being a good role model to my friends and family is an amazing feeling! I try and be positive in everything I do and share that every chance I get!

5. Summer

I can’t forget about the summer body I strive for every year… a healthy summer body. Like I said, I used to know what a healthy body looked like but now I have more knowledge and more resources to get that real *healthy* summer body! Plus, I live less than an hour from the beach now so I can see a lot of summer day trips to the coast this year!


I hold onto these things and always keep them in my mind as I’m going through my day-to-day life! This is what keeps me going, this is my encouragement, this is my motivation!

What motivates YOU? Share your most motivating quote!

One Response to “Five Things Friday: Motivation”

  1. Joline January 21, 2017 at 18:30 #

    You, my dear girl, motivate me!!!

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