The Struggle is Real

19 Jan

I don’t like starting off a blog entry confessing something that’s been on my mind, but I feel it’s important today. The pup and I took a mile and a half walk / jog today and I realized that not only do I need to do that more often but it’s about time I find a good exercise routine that works around my job at the hospital.


Zoey pooped out on our walk this afternoon. 

A few months ago I started a new job where I’m working 12-hr shifts, three nights in a row. In between those nights I find myself sleeping… and only sleeping! I don’t plan on working out between my shifts because I feel that may put too much strain on my body and I can’t afford to go into work from 7pm – 7am feeling exhausted!

My biggest struggle with getting out and running lately has been the weather! (Any one else have problems getting out when it’s cold?). That’s a lousy excuse but very much true. I have found that lately since it’s been a bit warmer here in South Carolina I have been jogging more, but still feel like I need that calendar or schedule in order to get me ready for the Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh half marathon in a little over two months. I’m still doing some research and trying to get something solid together to make me feel good about my upcoming races!

To look at the positive, today’s jog was just what I needed today! It was refreshing and I even found a new trail! There was no one out there and it looked quite deserted so I didn’t go far (I don’t really know that area well yet) but it’s something I would probably feel comfortable exploring by bike one day!


A lot of the trail looks like it was damaged by Hurricane Matthew back in October!!


What kind of exercise routine do you have at home? Anyone else work crazy hours and have a hard time finding time to exercise between your work hours?




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