The Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

14 Oct

We got word last week that we would get some rain and wind off of Hurricane Matthew coming up the East coast but I did not picture anything like this! We decided to stay in Florence and beat out the storm at home and I’m blessed to say my family and our house are safe. The most damage we got were three and a half huge trees down in our backyard that we are working on cleaning up. My wife and daughter have been out of work and school for a week  and a half because of city power outages and roads that are still blocked from flooding and trees down! Here are photos of our yard and the damage we have seen around the city.


One of the trees down in our backyard

Roads blocked from flooded waters and trees


A neighborhood across the street from us


Damage to the hospital right behind our house

14572846_746929782865_2051723191842009302_nThis is how the grocery looks for six days! Shelves are finally starting to get food on them again.

  I’ll get back to blogging regularly next week so keep an eye out! I hope everyone else along our coast stayed safe from this Hurricane!

Did you get any damage from Hurricane Matthew? What’s your favorite Hurricane activity to make the time pass calmly?


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