Ramblin’ Rose Triathlon Race Recap

6 Oct

Sunday Mom and I completed the Ramblin’ Rose Triathlon in Chapel Hill, North Carolina! This was Mom’s third time doing this race and my second so we were a little familiar with the course.

Pre Race

We arrived at the race location about 6:45am on Sunday to give us enough time to find parking, unload the bikes, and get our transition spot ready for the 8am start time. Mom and I visited the marker tent where we got covered in our race number, age, and our name written on our bodies!



Showing off our race numbers!

Once we got our timing chips the sun starting to rise and we were about ready to start… or so we thought.


Race – Swim

The start time for the race was 8am, I was a little discouraged that we didn’t get in the pool until 9am! On Saturday Mom and I went to the pool to swim 250 yards and timed ourselves so that we knew we would be in the right time zone. Well I’m sad to say that other people did not think to time themselves and were in the wrong time zone, ultimately meaning they slowed everyone else down. Mom and I have decided that if we do this race next year we are going up a time zone in the pool so hopefully we are with people who not only swim pretty quickly but also know how to swim!

Saturday Mom and I timed ourselves on our swim and we timed between six and seven minutes. On Sunday during the race we finished the swim portion in about ten minutes for the fact that the slow person in front of me would not let me pass her! Mom and I finally swam around her, not sure that was allowed since you are suppose to pass at the end of the lanes, but we were a little upset.

Once we got out of the pool as ran towards our transition area and prepped for our nine-mile bike ride!


Race – Bike

This is the part of the race that I was not fully confident in since I hadn’t been biking in a few months. Since we moved I’ve had some issues with my bike but my Dad fixed it up real good right before the race!

Chapel Hill is known for the hills that reside through the city. That’s the part that made me nervous. At the beginning of the bike ride there was a huge hill, I was silly to think that would be the only hill during the race! There was a number of pretty big hills but nothing me and Mom couldn’t handle! The worst was probably the huge hill RIGHT BEFORE the bike portion of the race was over. We had been biking for 8.5 miles at this point so, as you can imagine, that hill was the hardest to get up. I’m proud to say I did not get off my bike and walk it once through those nine-miles!

Race – Run

The two-mile run was the part of the race I knew I could do with flying colors! After the swim and bike ride my Mom and I decided to take the run a bit slower but we knew we could finish strong since two-miles for us is nothing!

We ran through a neighborhood that was really nice and *mostly* flat. There was one water stop at the half way point (why there was a water stop during the two-mile run and not the nine-mile bike, I don’t know). Those two miles went by pretty quickly and before we knew it we were at the finish line!


Post Race

My wife and my Dad were so sweet to get both me and my Mom flowers for finishing strong!


I’m so proud of my Mom for doing this race with me and not giving up! We are such a great team! I am so excited that my Wife and Dad were able to come out and cheer us on as well! It’s always a better race when you have a good cheer squad!


Anyone looking for an easy beginners triathlon should definitely look into this one! We had an absolute blast!


What’s your favorite race of all time (5k, half marathon, marathon, tri)? Drop a comment below with your suggestion for my next race!




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