Farmers Market, Comic-Con, and Myrtle Beach

13 Sep

We had a busy, but amazing, weekend having family visit and showing them around Florence. My Mom and brother arrived at our house Saturday afternoon where I finally got to show them our organized new house! My family helped us move in about a month ago but the house was packed full of boxes when they left so I was really excited to show them how everything has come together! My Dad couldn’t come down this time around but I’m excited to give him the proper tour next time he comes down for a weekend.

Saturday while my wife was out of town for work, I brought my Mom, brother, and son to the Farmers Market. We’ve decided to get our peaches from the Farmers Market from now on because they are so much bigger and juicier than the ones at the grocery store! We also picked up some blackberries and plums while we were there!


After the Farmers Market we went to the Young Plantation Bakery and Pecan Shop. I’ve wanted to check out this shop ever since we moved here and Saturday was the perfect day since some of my family was in town. For not really knowing what exactly the shop was than walking out with $30 worth of sweets, I’d say it was a thumbs up! South Carolina is known for their pecans and this shop showed it!


Saturday night we relaxed at the house and played some board games and cards while watching cooking shows on Netflix, something my family does often when we get together!


Sunday we woke up with anticipation to attend our first Comic-Con. My brother is a huge fan or comic books and scary movies so when they were talking about coming down for a weekend we carefully planned it so they would be here to go to Comic-Con.




There were different vendors inside and even a whole room of just comic books (my mom immediately thought of Sheldon from ‘Big Band Theory’ going through them one by one saying “got it… got it… got it”! haha). One of our favorite parts were all the masks that were displayed from different horror movies!






Comic-Con was a huge success and something we will definitely look into doing in the future!

Mom & Thomas left shortly after Comic-Con to head back to North Carolina. On Monday, Danielle & I dropped our daughter off at school than headed to Myrtle Beach for the day. She had to go there for work and since I am currently between jobs I decided to take the day trip with her. I love the fact that we are only an hour from the beach, it makes it so easy to head down for a day or a weekend!

Between her work meetings we ate lunch at Damon’s Grill (where we got married about a month ago). The owner came to say hi to us and there were a number of waiters who remembered us and said hi! We also made it to Broadway at the Beach to walk around and get some ice cream for dessert! I don’t eat a lot of ice cream anymore but Kilwin’s in Myrtle Beach is one of the only places I can find my favorite ice cream anymore, Superman ice cream, so whenever we head down I treat myself!


Have you ever been to Comic-Con? What’s your favorite flavor of Ice Cream?


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