Benefits of Fruit Infused Water

8 Sep

I’ve been on a fruit infused water kick lately and am loving it! There are many benefits to flavoring your water with fresh fruits. The more I’ve experienced with different flavors the more research I’ve done and here’s what I’ve found!

Fruit infused water will help you:

  1. Get more nutrients in your body

Instead of drinking plain water, there are so many different fruits you can add to give your water a little spark to it. I’ve found that lemon water is one of my favorites but I’m slowly venturing out into other flavors as well. You can get so many vitamins and minerals from adding fruit or fresh fruit juice into your water, it’s a great stepping stone to drinking more water!

2. Have more energy

I’m working on drinking more water through out my day for many reasons, but one that is on top of the list is that I know it will give me more energy during the day to get things done!

3. The recipes are endless!

I started fruit infused water using common fruit that I was familiar with, lemon or lime mostly. Most recently I’ve started to use strawberries, basil, and even blackberries. I’ve even read some recipes on Pinterest that use frozen grapes or watermelon which I want to try before fall season really hits!


4. Feel healthier

Your stomach will thank you after drinking water through out the day, not to mention fruit flavored water! Your food intake won’t be as much, you will have more energy, and you will feel so much better with all the nutrients from your fruit water!

5. Satisfy your sweet tooth

This is a huge point for me! I have a very very sweet tooth (that I like to think comes from my Mom!). Some weeks I’ll be super good at staying away from sweets and eating healthier and drinking water than there are other weeks that I’m having sour patch kids for breakfast. Since I’ve started drinking more water I’ve found that if I stay focused on healthy eating and fitting in a jog (or two) during the day, I can stay away from those sweets!

My new favorite fruit infused water flavor is currently blackberry! We just mixed this up for the first time last week and at first it wasn’t very strong because we just placed the blackberries in the tube and let them sit. After a few days of not tasting them a lot my wife decided to squeeze them down a bit letting some of the juice run out and making the water have a more sweet taste to it!


Comment below with your favorite recipe!!



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