An Update on Our Move!

25 Aug

So much has happened in just the past month! For starters, I got married!!!! That was an amazing day and I can’t wait to share photos when we get them from our photographer! *Here’s a sneak peak!*


The day after our wedding we went on our week long honey moon on a cruise to the bahamas with our family and close friends (yea, it was a huge group of people but it was amazing)! THAN we moved states the day we returned from our honeymoon so as you can imagine it’s been a crazy past few weeks for us!

We have moved to South Carolina which isn’t too far from where we were living. We are still just a few hours from my parents and less than an hour from the beach so I can’t complain!! Best part? We live in the land of palm trees!!


We’ve been in our new house a little over a week now and though we have been focusing on unpacking the house and getting organized, we are trying to take breaks and get out into the heart of Florence to see what’s around. Last weekend we found two farmers markets where we got so many fresh fruits & veggies to last us for awhile!


I am currently in between jobs which means I am finding a lot of time to get out on runs around the neighborhood. So far this week, the pup and I have jogged five miles around our area. I know there is a park near by that I’d love to go visit this weekend!


Hopefully we will have a chance to take a good break from getting the house organized and venture out into some of the parks (& possibly festivals) in Florence this weekend!

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