VegFest Festival!

31 May

My Fiance and I went to a vegetarian festival a few weeks ago and it was amazing! I’ve been a vegetarian for nearly ten years and sometimes it’s hard to go out to eat with friends when I have very few options to choose from. When my Fiance saw this all vegetarian (mostly vegan) festival in the next town over from us we really wanted to go and managed to squeeze in a few hours there before I had to go to work that day.


It had been storming that weekend so they had to pull all the vendors inside a big arena which, for me, was a bit stressful since I don’t like crowds and I don’t like small spaces. Put 40 vendors in one gym and add a huge crowd of people… you can probably imagine how overwhelming that was for me!


At the entrance we could each pay a dollar to be part of the voting team for the best vegan mac ‘n cheese which gave us the opportunity to taste test ten vegan mac ‘n cheeses from different vendors. Never thought I would really like vegan cheese but I was pleasantly surprised with how good they were! Some vendors even added in corn or veggies to their mac ‘n cheese which was delicious!


One of the dessert vendors had amazing looking biscuits and donuts AND these homemade BBQ rolls that caught my eye right away! One of my favorite vegetarian dishes include these BBQ pockets from Gardein which I can usually find at Target or Whole Foods but haven’t been able to find for a few months now.




These were probably my favorite part of the festival! I am so excited that we came across the add for VegFest and were able to make it for a bit!!

What’s your favorite vegetarian dish to make?



One Response to “VegFest Festival!”

  1. Danielle Sykes May 31, 2016 at 16:56 #

    One of my favorite dishes to make is Vegetarian Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken with water chestnuts. I have made this a few times for my fiance and her family. She brought it to work with her and let some of her co-workers try it and they didnt even notice that it wasnt real chicken. Then have requested of her for me to make it so the other night I made a large batch and brought it to her at work for her and her co-workers….with a bonus of chocolate covered strawberries.

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