Five Things Friday

9 Oct

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a decent Five Things Friday, so here goes!

five things friday

Fall Weather

I’m loving this fall weather that has decided to come our way! We are still getting our warm days here in mid-North Carolina but I’m excited for the fashion scarfs & boots that await me in the next few weeks! After the Hurricane came through our area last weekend, I think that brought more cooler weather than anything. I’ve noticed that early in the morning, when I leave for class, it’s real chilly. Just a few hours later when I get out of class I find I don’t need my hoodie or boots any more!

Hockey Season

I am a huge fan of Ice Hockey and I’m so excited that the Carolina Hurricanes officially started their season last night! It’s not a great start since they lost 2-1, but I’m still holding true to my Hurricanes! Can’t wait to hopefully make it to a few games this season!

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 1.46.14 PM

School Update

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve decided to go into a Medical Sonogram program…. which means more schooling. Before I can even get into the actual sonogram program, I have to finish my pre-reqs which is where I am now taking Biology followed by a few more classes next semester.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 1.58.28 PM

When I graduated college with a degree in English & Journalism, I wasn’t really sure what all I could do with that and what would make me a decent income to live off of. Turns out my mind totally did a 180 about three years later and here I am back in school going in a totally different direction. I don’t mind it though. I feel like I am more focused this time around and thus am doing better in my studies!

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 2.00.46 PM

With A New Direction, Comes a New Job!

I finally found a job and was officially offered a position last week! I’ll be working as a Nursing Assistant at a local assisted living community. It’s not my ideal job but seeing as I am fresh out of my CNA certificate, as of June, and have barely any experience in the health field I decided to take this position and see what it brings. I figured it will be a great place to start as well as a good place to stick around until I am officially in a Sonogram program or have enough experience to move onto bigger and better places!

Fall TV Shows

With all these new things coming into my life, you can probably imagine it’s been a bit hectic around here. I finally got a chance to settle down a few nights ago and catch up on some new TV shows that I am beginning to fall in love with.

If you like suspense action shows you will quickly get hooked into Blindspot! I was hooked when a first saw the previews a few weeks back and the TV show definetly doesn’t disappoint!


Another new show that has quickly gotten my attention is Quantico! Another action-filled show that I’ve been keeping up with since episode one!


When I was younger I don’t think I watched a lot of these mystery, action packed shows unless I was sitting in the living room with my Mom while she watched CSI, but I’ve quickly fallen for these two shows! (And you will too Mom, so start watching them!)

What’s your favorite new Fall TV show?

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