Charity Miles Review

15 Sep

I’ve been using Charity Miles for a few weeks now and am finding it to be an amazing fitness app! I’ve used a lot of different fitness apps in the past but this one really pulls at my heart strings and is makes me WANT to go running.


How Does it Work?

Download ‘Charity Miles’ on your phone, go for a walk or run, and the company will donate money to a chosen organization! It’s as easy as that! There are over 30 organizations you can choose from to donate to! Including Special Olympics, Soles4Souls, Autism Speaks, and many more!



One of the best advantage to using this app is that it’s completely FREE to use! The fact that I don’t have to spend any money on the app and I can still make a different for these organizations while I become more fit is a HUGE plus for me!

How far do I have to run?

Another great advantage about ‘Charity Miles’ is that you don’t have to go a certain distance in order for your walk or run to count! At long as you go .1 miles, you’ve done a difference!


You can also keep track of your workout history on this app as well. I really enjoy apps that have a history tab so I can look back and my milage for the week and keep track of my total weekly workouts.

Make sure to visit ‘Charity Miles’ website HERE and download their app to start donating to your favorite organizations!


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