Let’s Start From Stratch

2 Sep

The past month has been quite the whirlwind for me. I traveled to California with my girlfriend for two weeks, moved three hours away from my family, and started classes again. I’m slowly settling in and getting used to life again.

Last week I tried starting the 21-Day Fix program but let’s face it, I was still so consumed in moving in and getting unpacked that my scheduled workouts only lasted for one day. I was able to get to our neighborhood pool almost everyday though so that was a good incentive to get out and get moving. Besides trying to get into a better routine, I have some other exciting race news!

In just 33 day I’ll be participating in the Ramblin’ Rose Tri in Chapel Hill! I’m excited but extremely nervous, especially for the nine mile bike part. The 250-yard swim won’t be hard and the 2-mile run I’m not bothered by but the last time I biked was months ago and it’s always hard for me to get back into biking.


All I can think about is that I have a month to get back into biking, train hard, and eat healthy for this tri coming my way!


One Response to “Let’s Start From Stratch”

  1. Chocolaterunsjudy September 2, 2015 at 09:17 #

    It’s always great to have a race to work towards!

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