21-Day Fix: Week 1

28 Apr

A week ago I started a fitness program called 21-Day Fix! I’ve read good things about it and decided since it’s a 21 day challenge I have just enough time in-between my busy class schedule and summer camp that I can make this work!


Each day there is a 30-minute workout video that you follow & than I usually fit in a walk in my day too to get closer to hitting my 10,000 step goal. The workouts aren’t bad at all! It’s 30-minutes of hardcore sweating but I have been amazed how great I feel after finishing the days video!


The “clean eating” part is the hardest part for me. For awhile I’ve wanted to clean eat for a month and kind of reset my body to eating healthier. I can officially say that I think after only a week of clean eating I have reset my body to eating healthy foods. Now when I see that random package of gummies on the counter or are offered chips at camp events, I decline them without having second thoughts!

Here’s what the eating plan is! You can have so many portions of each color a day and each color has a measurement for the portion. I don’t STICK 100% to this eating plan because I want to make sure I’m not restricting myself of certain portions of food a day, but I am sticking to the food list since I want to be eating more healthy foods and not junk!

Here’s what the plan looks like:

Green: 3 portions a day (each portion = 1 cup)

Purple: 2 portions a day (each portion = 1 cup)

Yellow: 2 portions a day (each portion = 1/2 cup)

Blue: 1 portion a day (each portion = 1/3 cup)

Orange: 1 portion a day (each portion = 3 TBLS)

Red: 4 portions a day (each portion = 2/3 cup)

FixContainersVegansIt sounds like the plan is restricting the food you are eating but really when you look at all the food you can eat in a day it’s ALOT! I normally don’t even eat all the food that is on my list for the day! One of the hardest parts is not having a lot of sweet foods on the list BUT we’ve come up with a lot of new recipes that are so delicious and healthy!!

One of my favorite meals we’ve had this week is this lunch sandwich I’ve made a number of times!

FullSizeRender_2 copyIngredients:

Pita bread (1 portion of yellow)

Veggie chicken patty (1 portion of red)

Hummus (1/3 portion of blue)

Snap peas (1/4 portion of green)

I had this sandwich for about four days in a row before I realized I wanted to try some new recipes!

Keep an eye out for more NEW recipes I’ll be posting in the next week!


One Response to “21-Day Fix: Week 1”

  1. amandaturner612 April 29, 2015 at 21:12 #

    21 Day Fix is an AWESOME program. I’m sure you already have a free beachbody coach, but if not, I’m here for support and questions. You’re off to a great start, congrats!

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