Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh Half Marathon: Recap

23 Apr

This is the second year that Raleigh has hosted the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon and I’d say this year was better than last! It will be hard next year to beat this years excitement and energy for sure!

Race Expo

Mom, dad & I headed to the race expo on Friday right when it opened so we didn’t hit traffic downtown and we could avoid as much of the crowds as possible.


Everyone who was volunteering at the expo were super nice and helpful when it came to getting information for the race on Sunday, especially when it came to parking information. Last year traffic on the way to the race was so horrible we thought we were going to be late for the start! This year they advised everyone to be there and parked by 5:30 for the 7:30 start!! We were sure to grab the parking maps and have our route planned so we didn’t find ourselves stuck in traffic again!

IMG_8640AND because there wasn’t a huge line out the door this year, we were able to jump right on getting our “pre finish line” photo done!


Pre Race

Leaving the house at 4:30am, we arrived at the race sight with little traffic issues, found a parking spot, and napped in the car for an hour! I would have to say this is the first race that I have napped in the car prior to running but it was much needed and luckily we had a bag on blankets & towels in the back seat waiting to be donated to the local animal shelter so we used those as covers!

While we were waiting for the run to begin towards the start line, we found a cubbie in one of the buildings downtown to hide out in and keep warm. Dad even pulled his arms in his shirt to try and stay warmer!

IMG_8663Once we saw our corral moving more we hopped in the crowd and took our traditional before race photo!



I was more prepared this year for this race since I knew what kind of hills were ahead of me in the day! I’d have to say the first half of the race wasn’t bad hill-wise which was nice. This year there were some really great bands and along the route but they weren’t as up-beat as I would have hoped!


I can not complain about the weather.. it was a beautiful day! A bit chilly first thing in the morning but I had my jacket off within the first couple of miles. I defiantly took advantage of the shady areas after that!

IMG_8699I would say this was probably one of my best races! I felt good going into it especially since I was sticking around with my parents for awhile. We walked / jogged together for the first four miles and than I took off and ran ahead. I was surprised how much energy I had and far I was running without slowing down since I hadn’t trained too much for this race. It helped that there were so many groups of people cheering on the sidelines! I felt myself slowing down at the 10k mark but kept my head up and kept going.


One of the great things that the Rock ‘n Roll Series always seems to do is make the clear cut between the half marathon route and the marathon route. We all started in the same place and ran together for the first seven miles or so and than the marathon group split off to continue their 26.2 journey. We met up again at our 12 mile mark (their 25 mile mark) to finish together. I’ve ran some races where I have almost turned down the marathon route (thank goodness someone caught me and turned me around!) but I remember Raleigh being great at marking the different routes last year too!


I also enjoyed the water mister they had along the race but was disappointed when I got there and found barely any water coming out… don’t be fooled by my smiling face.


I finished with a time of 3:13:56, not my best but SEVEN minutes faster than last years RnR Raleigh race which I’m stoked about! I crossed the finish line about 30 minutes ahead of my mom and dad (I didn’t realize I got that far ahead of them) and got to see them cross the finish line which was so great!


Post Race

The after race recovery snacks were amazing this time around! They passed out water bottles, gatorade, recovery bars, bananas, and my favorite after run drink… chocolate milk! I normally am not a huge an of chocolate but after a long run like this it really does wonders!


We made our way to the after race entertainment which was SMASH MOUTH (talk about a throwback)!! They were amazing to watch! *Trying to get a video up*

IMG_8716I’ve already signed up for next years RnR Raleigh and can’t wait to complete this race three years in a row!


So excited to add this new bling to my wall of medals!


If you ran this years RnR Raleigh, let me know what you thought? Will I be seeing you next year?


One Response to “Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh Half Marathon: Recap”

  1. Joline Hodges April 23, 2015 at 09:26 #

    Love this recap of the race!

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