MealEnders Review

9 Apr

I love sweets and even more than that I love snacking through out the day… it’s a bad habit I need to break… but I may have found a slight solution to my over excessive snacking! May I introduce MealEnders!


Let’s go ahead and ask the big question… What are MealEnders?

MealEnders are single serve sweets that resets your taste buds. They distract you from wanting more food, gearing your temptation away and leaving your feel satisfied. The outer layer is a soft, sweet layer that acts as a dessert of sorts. The center leaves you with a cool tingling sensation on the tongue with takes your mind away from thinking it wants more food.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 10.28.02 PM

I received four flavors from the company which were all quite good; Mocha, Chocolate Mint, Lime, and Cinnamon. My favorite was the lime flavor. It tasted like a lemon lime candy to me, not so much something to take away my hunger.


The mocha ones had a chocolate taste to them that was very distinct and tasted actually quite good. Both my parents tried these and said they enjoyed them and they seemed to work for what they were suppose to do.


I would suggest these to anyone who is looking for something to stop that mid-day / midnight snack trips to the fridge! Want more information? Check out their website HERE !

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