Life Is Getting a Little Less Hectic

6 Apr

Let’s face it… I’ve been a bit M.I.A. lately. This CNA class that I’m currently in has been keeping me more busy than I originally thought. I’m happy to say that the classroom portion of the semester is now over and I just have two more weeks of clinical’s and than I’m done! Last week we received our final grade in the class and I am ecstatic to share that I passed with a 97%!

I am also excited that the weather is getting warmer out! I despise the cold weather and typically I don’t get out much to exercise during the winter so this warm weather is exactly what I have been waiting for! I welcomed in the spring weather this afternoon with a four-mile jog with my parents. It was amazing to get out and know that I was not only getting back into an exercise routine but also that I was getting some training in for next weeks half marathon.


The Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh half marathon this weekend will be my first half this year! I’m a little nervous about it, especially because Raleigh is known to be a bit hilly, but I’m ready to conquer this race and see how well I do.


Just last week I took this morning to sit on the back porch with a cup of coffee, the dog, and my laptop to blog (or at least try). I plan to take full advantage of this warm weather that has arrived!!



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