Hemp Hearts Review

10 Mar

Last year I was privileged to be able to review Hemp Hearts and this year they have asked me to review them again! I have loved trying them again because this time I feel like I had more knowledge of them and had more ideas on what to use them on which was so great!


Hemp Hearts so full of fiber and protein, which is great for vegetarians like myself since it’s so hard to get protein in my diet sometimes. Since I don’t eat meat I’ve found that it’s hard to get as much protein as I should be getting… even after nearly eight years of not eating meat! Hemp hearts are such an easy protein that I can add to nearly any meal and be satisfied!


I’ve added Hemp hearts to salads and burgers before, even a few months ago to homemade falafel! I’m starting to get more into smoothies and these are great to add in that too! You can’t even taste them but to know that you are getting that little bit of extra protein is amazing! I also love these recipes that are on the Manitoba Harvest website HERE!

If you haven’t tried these I would suggest them to anyone! What a great way to add some more health in your diet! 🙂


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