First 5k of 2015!

2 Mar

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile you know that I dislike cold weather which means I usually take the winter months off from races and do a lot more indoor training. I’m excited that my races are picking back up here soon and the warmer weather will (slowly) be coming back soon!

This weekend will be my first race in a few months. I’m totally stoked for it but am a little nervous that my lack of training this summer will be obvious as I run this 3.1 mile race. Luckily I’m managed to get my girlfriend to run this race with me so hopefully she will push me to keep strong and run across the finish line with her! headerlogo

If you’re in the Wilmington, NC area go sign up for the NC Rainbow Run 5k this weekend! From their website, all the proceeds go to, “The Open House… is an emergency shelter for youths who are homeless, abused, neglected, or have run away. They provide support, counselling, food, clothing, and shelter to ensure the safety of homeless teens.” Check out their website HERE!

Wish us luck!


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