Time For Another Triathlon!

28 Feb

Exciting news, I am officially signed up for my next triathlon!! I completed the women’s Ramblin’ Rose triathlon a few years ago and than signed up the next year but couldn’t compete because I was on crunches due to a broken ankle. I am excited to be back on the Triathlon road and start training for all the tri events!


I’ve only completed one tri but I hope to get more into them in the future. There are many reasons that I love doing a good triathlon!

1. It’s So Much More Than Running

I do love running but it’s nice to take a break from running the trails and instead go cool off in the lap pool or bike the neighborhood!

2. Training

I love training for Tri’s for the mere fact that if I don’t feel like running, I have two other sports to choose from!

3. The Bib Number

There’s something about not only wearing your bib while biking and running but also getting your number written on you in sharpie all over your arms and legs!

4. Racing with Family

During my first tri I stuck by my Mom’s side the whole time which was actually really great for our first tri. We encouraged each other through each event and ran across the finish line together.

5. The Feeling of Finishing

It’s a great feeling finishing a 5k run but to finish a triathlon is an amazing feeling!

The Ramblin’ Rose is a 250 yard swim, nine mile bike, and 3 mile run. I’m not so worried about the run or the swim but the bike is the part of the race that I will definitely have to train a little harder for.



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