Rundies For Everyday Runs!

29 Jan

I have to admit that I have never had a favorite brand of underwear until I got these running undies, or randies if I may, for Christmas! The brand is Oiselle and they are the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn, especially while I run!


I’ve seen these rundies online and read so many great reviews, so you can probably imagine I was stoked when I received a pack of them for Christmas. Not only are they super soft and comfortable (great for running) but they are also funny to read! Check these out!


Randies are 100% technical performers, which is why they are so comfortable while training! These are made from a blend of poly/spandex. Plus they have a sense of humor! What could be better?!?! 😛

Rundies are suppose to be just as good for running and training! Made from the same material, they are perfect for any workout!

I would suggest these to anybody! The best brand I’ve ever used! 😀

Do you have a favorite brand of clothing for your training?


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