Starting a New Chapter in my Life

28 Jan

After a lot of thought and deliberation I’ve finally made the (long overdue) decision to return to school. Throughout the last year I’ve had on and off thoughts of going back to school but something in the back of my head always told me not to. I’ve never been great in school and the lingering fear that I will fail is exactly what has held me back. Well, I am finally crushing that fear and have registered to my first class since graduating from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in 2011!


Last week when I went to register for the Certified Nursing Assistant class there were TWO seats left! I didn’t realize I needed proof that I have passed basic college english and couldn’t get into the class until I had that to show. The lady at the front desk was so helpful and told me that the class filled up very quickly so to come back with it asap. I only live ten minutes from the school so I drove home and frantically searched through my college file to see what I had to show that I’ve passed basic English… even though my bachelors is in English so obviously I’ve passed many more English classes than needed! I found a copy of my transcript that my advisor had printed for me a year before I graduated. It had listed classes that I had completed and classes I still had to take to graduate on time. I wasn’t sure it was going to work but it’s the best I had so I took that plus all the other papers and quickly drove back to the admissions office. When I got to the window to speak to the same lady she took my papers to see if I had everything and informed me that while I was gone a girl had come and registered so there was only one seat left! I was stoked when she said the paper I brought from college worked to show my english credit and I got the last seat in the class!

BeFunky_Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 1.jpg

I think it will be a bit weird to be in class again, especially since the classes are five hours long! Yes, you read that right! I’m taking the “fast track” route so I’ll be in class for five hours, four times a week for two months. The first half of this course is class work and than comes the clinical part. My classes start two weeks from today and I feel like I’ve been doing pretty good so far about getting everything together. I’ve ordered my book and filled out most of the paperwork… I just have to get all the materials together which I can easily get from my parents since they are in the medical field.

Paperwork to fill out...

Paperwork to fill out…

Hopefully after I receive my CNA certificate at the beginning of April I can find a Medical Sonogram program to get into!


In other news, I’m starting a new job here soon as well. I didn’t really mean to start a job at the same time as starting classes but hopefully I’ll transition into it all pretty smoothly and I won’t have much of a problem. I start my new job this week so I’m hoping I can get through training and have the hang of everything by the time classes start in two weeks!

Still have hopes of keeping up with my race training for the next two weeks but I can almost guarantee that training will slow down while in class.

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