Banana Pancakes Recipe

22 Jan

Last week my friend surprised me with a healthy alternative to flour pancakes! She made me banana pancakes and told me how easy they are to make! Easy to me means slim to nothing since I seem to make a mess out of anything I cook but this recipe only takes three ingredients which I have to admit seems pretty simple!


Ingredients: one banana, two eggs, and cinnamon. That’s it!

Step 1: Mash banana and put in a mixing bowl.

Step 2: Beat eggs and add to mashed banana.

Step 3: Add a pinch of cinnamon and mix all ingredients together.

Step 4: Heat them on the stove just under medium heat.


She also made a side of vegetarian bacon and fried honey bananas! Those are easy too!

Step 1: Slice a banana and fry until they are golden brown.

Step 2: Mix one tablespoon of honey, some cinnamon, and one tablespoon of water in a seperate bowl.

Step 3: Remove banana from pan and pour honey mixture over.


What a healthy breakfast! Loved these banana pancakes much more than flour pancakes! I felt like I started the day off on the right foot for sure!


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