Glee Workout

21 Jan

Last week I was staying at a friends for a few days an we had a lazy evening where we went to catch up on missed TV shows together. She loves Glee and wanted to watch the much antipated missed season premiere. I’m not really a fan of Glee but decided instead of watching something else I would have my friend help me come up with a workout plan for the episode. Of course she had to help me in telling me who everyone was and what to do when but this is what we came up with!

BeFunky_Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 8.jpg

My friend just so happened to skip the little fact that the season premiere episode was TWO hours! What a workout! I’m not sure if it was the lunges or the squats that started to make my knee hurt, but about 3/4th of the way through the episode we had to change some of the exercises around so I wasn’t putting so much pressure on my knee. I rested, iced it, and was going again in no time!


I thought the last banana pancake would be a good recovery snack while I reused the ziplock as an ice bag. It was a good workout! Wish I had been more prepared for the 2-hour episode but none the less I definitely felt refreshed when time was up! Feel free to use this workout plan!

Have you ever done a TV show workout? If so, what TV show?


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