A Beautiful Day for a 13-Mile Bike Ride!

20 Jan

This weekend I ventured out of my running norm and hopped on my bike for a 13-mile ride! The weather was a little chilly but it warmed up the more we rode.

My parents and I rode down the Tobacco Trail that runs through our city. All together the trail is 22-miles but we only rode 13 of those miles. I haven’t been riding in months so it was definitely a bit of a challenge but I pushed through. (Yes, I took this photo while biking… that’s talent!)


Last year when my parents and I did the Virtual Snowball Shuffle 8k (Recap HERE) we ran the Tobacco Trail but they were still working on the trail beyond the bridge that runs over the highway so we had to turn around there. This time we were able to go over it and beyond! It also looks like the weather was much better this time around than last year when we ran it!



Once we crossed the bridge we ended up biking past Southpoint Mall! Looking at my Garmin it only took about 2.5 miles to get there.

photo 1

Once we got through the little bit of mall traffic we were biking, once again, through the calm path covered by trees. It was a little busy but I didn’t expect much less since it was pretty nice weather for January!

We hit the sign for the next county and decided that would be a good place to turn around. I did pretty good getting through the up hills but there was one brutal hill that none of us could get up. It was horrid AND on the way back after turning around, so we were already pretty exhausted. I thought I could make it until I slowed down for a splint second and realized that’s the second that my legs were done and I hopped off to walk the rest of the way. I turned around to see where my parents were and there they were walking their bikes up this hill too. I think at that point we were all tired and just ready to come across the next down hill!


We made it home and my dad and I enjoyed one of my mom’s famous iced coffee with Click Protein! Those are my favorite post workout refreshments!


It was fabulous weather, a good ride, and great family time! What could be better? 🙂


Did you hit your fitness goals this weekend?



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