Weekly Work-out Recap: January 2015 Week 2

17 Jan

I have to admit, week two of January has been a lot harder to get motivated than last week. (Read last weeks recap HERE) I have found this week that I am a hermit and not wanting to get up and go as much… probably because of this weather we’ve been having. I don’t like cold weather, especially when it comes in the form of ice or snow, and this week would definitely fall under the category of cold weather!


This week I continued my January goals of taking 10,000 steps five times a week. I accomplished this goal six times this week, which isn’t bad because I hit my goal but it was hard. It was so cold I did most of my steps inside while catching up on TV shows or planning my future blog entries. You can only work out inside so many times a week before you need a new point of view though. Here’s what my week looked like.

Sunday: Wii Sports work-out. (Hit 10,000 steps)

Monday: ‘Friends’ TV show work-out.

Tuesday: Wii Sports work-out. (Hit 10,000 steps) 

Wednesday: Wii Sports work-out. (Hit 10,000 steps)

Thursday: 1 mile + 10 minute stationary bike. (Hit 10,000 steps)

Friday: Stepped through an hour of TV. (Hit 10,000 steps)

Not a great week but it could be worse! I’m glad that I talked myself into getting up and working out this week… makes me feel good that I at least did something!

This weeks meal spotlight is one of my favorite breakfasts now! I’ve been taking vanilla (or occasionally strawberry) yogurt and adding in one or two types of fruit than some granola. I’ve also been on this vanilla almond milk kick lately. It’s delicious and so good for you! It has definitely gotten me up and moving in the mornings!



This weekend it’s suppose to be warmer (though still chilly) weather so I have big plans to go get my bike out of storage and get a good ride in! We have a lot of great trails around my house… now just to choose which one to go on!

Week two of January.. How are your resolutions going?


2 Responses to “Weekly Work-out Recap: January 2015 Week 2”

  1. scenicstepper January 18, 2015 at 04:27 #

    I’ve been getting steps in to Friends also! I feel so guilty if I just lay on the couch bingeing on 10 episodes so at least I’m moving!

    • run50states January 19, 2015 at 16:50 #

      I figured it’s easier to step to a TV show than do nothing too! 🙂

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