Winter Miles Challenge 2015

12 Jan

From the month of November to March I’ll be the first to admit that I need all the motivation I can get to get out and run! I do not like cold weather and certainly don’t like running in this type of weather, which makes my training so much harder! Last year I found a fellow blogger, Jess at Run With Jess, host a winter running challenge that my mom and I participated in. It definitely helped me get up and out more during the cold months which is why I’ve signed up to participate again this year!

What’s so fantastic about this winter challenge is that it’s FREE to enter! It’s just a great encouraging group of fellow runners cheering each other on through the toughest part of the year. You can choose your own goal for each week (10 miles, 20 miles, 30 miles, etc.). Once you hit your goal you can report back to Jess at for a chance to win a number of prizes throughout the next eight weeks!

Jess has also designed running gear for this challenge! This years saying is, “RUN, it’s only cold if your standing still”. So true!

Last year I couldn’t resist buying the hoodie with the saying, ‘Winter Miles Bring Spring Smiles’ which I wear all the time! It’s such a light fit hoodie and great for those chilly morning runs! You can find prices for the t-shirt and the long sleeve on her website.

If you’re not ready to commit to an eight week challenge you can just opt for the virtual 8k in February! Anywhere from February 9th-15th you can walk / run an 8k in your own neighborhood! And who doesn’t like to get medals to show off their hard work? Medals are only $10!

The challenge starts TODAY and goes for eight weeks!! Make sure to go sign up for FREE and get your fitness on! Good Luck!


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