Weekly Work-out Recap: January 2015 Week 1

10 Jan

Well 2015 has officially started and I am pleased to share that I feel great with this year so far! The Fitbit Charge I got for Christmas has definitely helped me in my health and fitness goals so far which I’m loving!!


One of my goals for January is to walk / run 10,000 steps five times a week. This week has been a great start to that goal as I hit 10,000 six times this week! Besides hitting my step goal I also wanted to get some good fitness time in. This is what my week looked like!

Sunday: 3.7 miles (Hit 10,000 steps)

Monday: Played Wii Fitness / Sports game (Hit 10,000 steps)

Tuesday: Played Wii Fitness / Sports game (Hit 10,000 steps)

Wednesday: TV show workout – ‘Friends’ + 1 mile (Hit 10,000 steps)

Thursday: TV show workout – ‘Friends’ (Hit 10,000 steps)

Friday: Rest Day

I’d say this is a pretty good start to the year! I also want to focus on eating better and healthier this month. I’d say I had a decent start to this goal this week. The hardest part is staying away from my favorite sweets (sour patch kids) but I have one more bag that I got for Christmas that I am trying to spread out through the month so I’m not binge eating them all at once! Besides those sweets, I like to think I am getting better about eating healthier. This is my spotlight meal of the week!

A few days ago for lunch I had a Tofurkey Italian sausage in a hotdog bun with cheese and a side of carrots and celery with hummus. So delicious!



As I was at a friends house yesterday though I saw she had the Tofurkey Italian sausage in her fridge but no buns to be found. I made it work though! I ended up using a piece of lettuce as my bun and let me tell you… it was so much better than having bread!!

image_1 copy

The weather has gotten SO cold this week here in North Carolina so I haven’t been getting as many miles in BUT with the weekend officially here I am hoping to get out and get a good run in the next few days!

How have your 2015 resolutions been going?


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