Learning to Love January with New Goals

5 Jan

Who else can agree that January always seems to feel a bit depressing? It’s true though, any month that follows December is pretty much screwed. December is filled with bright lights, big decorations, family time, and Christmas presents. January brings good things too including a new chance to start over which is the biggest thing I always need to focus on to keep a positive attitude through the month.


I’ve decided to start my year with smaller goals and let my goals grow with time. I’ve found in the past that when I set HUGE goals I don’t meet them and than get disappointed. Here’s what I’m focusing on this month.

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 8.55.23 PM

Three small goals but three goals that I want to really perfect by the end of the month. Especially drinking more water throughout the day. Just in the past few days of drinking more water than I normally do, I feel more awake and better physically and mentally. If I can make these goals my focal point of this month I think I will enjoy the month of January more!

Have you ever found your self blue come January?


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