Fitness Friday

21 Nov

Let’s start by celebrating that the end of the week is here and it’s finally Friday!!! It has been a busy week on my end and though this weekend is going to be pretty jam packed I’m glad I get a little free time in. I have to admit that because my week has been quite busy, and the cold weather has decided to really kick in this week, I haven’t exercised a lot. This isn’t that much of a shocker for those who know me and know I dislike cold weather!



I am determined to get out and do some sort of fitness this weekend! I loved doing the Once Upon a Time workout I did a few weeks ago and I can really do that type of workout with any TV show. I’m seeing a lot of those in the near future for me since I don’t like running outside in cold weather.

I’m excited that I have a few races coming up though! My dad and I participated in the Palm City Turkey Trot a few years ago which was our first, and only, turkey trot. It was so great though! Probably one of my favorites races I’ve ever done! I’m sure a lot of that has to do with the fact that it was in Florida where cold weather rarely exist! The race was only a 5k but regardless the distance, it felt good to get out and do some sort of exercise right before a huge Thanksgiving meal! We’ve found a few in our area that we are still debating between but hopefully we can decide on one and sign up shortly as Thanksgiving in a few days away!

I have signed up for a virtual 5k in December that I’m pretty excited about! Run with Jess is an amazing blogger and host some pretty sweet virtual runs throughout the year. Right now she is advertising for the Virtual Elf Run that raises money for the St. Judes Foundation benefiting children with cancer.

Screen shot 2014-11-06 at 4.33.17 PM


Though the race takes place in the middle of December I believe that I can pull up the energy and determination to run this virtual race for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. I also signed up both my parents for the race as well so I’m sure the encouragement from them will also get me up and moving in order to run this! It’s not too late to sign up so if you’re looking for a virtual run for the month of December go check it out now!

Elf Run virtual race

I think the weather this weekend is suppose to be on the warmer side, as warm as it gets in November, so that will be a good incentive to try and get out and go running! HAPPY FRIDAY!


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