The Starbucks Struggle is Real

15 Nov

As you all know I’ve limited myself to ONE Starbucks Coffee a week this month and let me say… the struggle is coming in loud and clear right about now!


I have learned a lesson this week… don’t get Starbucks on the first day of the week! Last week I bought a coffee on the way to work Saturday morning since we had an early start to the day and than I went to coffee with a few friends from high school on Sunday where we got Starbucks. They both asked me if I could last the whole week without buying a coffee from Starbucks and I very confidently said, “Yea! Of course!”. Little did I know Friday was going to come around and the temptation for that delicious coffee would hit me.


I’m suppose to get Starbucks later today with a different friend from high school who I haven’t seen in a few years. We are both addicted to Starbucks so when she suggested it while planning our catch up date I, without thinking about it, replied, “Starbucks sounds great!” ::Insert dilemma::

Here’s my solution… I have an empty coffee bean bag from Starbucks and if you bring it into a Starbucks coffee shop you receive a free coffee. I think this is a wise solution because,

1) That will save me money I would have used on a coffee and

2) There won’t be a lot of extra fix-ins in my coffee which means no extra calories.

Every time I’ve pasted a Starbucks in the past few days I’ve felt a very big urge to turn about and smell the amazing aromas of that amazing coffee smell!


This lack of Starbucks reminds me of the time my Mom & I traveled to Uluru, Australia (aka the middle of nowhere desert in the middle of the country). My mom and I had been traveling through New Zealand & Australia for nearly two and a half weeks at this point and didn’t find a Starbucks at all in New Zealand! The first one we found was in Melbourne, Australia where I indulged in this delicious coffee!


After we left Melbourne we traveled to Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock. My mom did a lot of research in this location and wanted so badly to visit. I didn’t know much about the location but was all in visiting someplace new! Little did I know that it was literally in a desert and there was no Starbucks anywhere close!

'Don't give up hope, Lenny - we're bound to come to a Starbucks sooner or later!'

I ended up getting an iced coffee at the ONLY coffee shop they had in the area. Though it wasn’t a Starbucks coffee it was still DELICIOUS!

This was in Cairns, Australia but you seem to get the same thing anywhere in Australia when you order an iced coffee.

This was in Cairns, Australia but you seem to get the same thing anywhere in Australia when you order an iced coffee.

During the month that my Mom & I traveled I went a good amount of that time without a Starbucks coffee so I know I can do it here. At least there weren’t Starbucks at every corner tempting me in New Zealand & Australia…


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