Once Upon a Time Workout

12 Nov

First of all I want to share that I hit a small victory yesterday! So proud that I made it to 10,000 steps and only by 7:30! I was so excited when I hit this milestone that I texted a photo to my parents saying, “Hit 10,000 and it’s only 7:30!” I was so excited about this until I realized that this pedometer resets at midnight and I’d have to do it all over again tomorrow. At least now I know roughly what I need to do to hit that goal.

image_1On another positive note, last night was my first night doing a tv show workout! “What is that?” you may ask. You can pretty much google ANY TV show and find a workout for it that you do at certain times in the show or you can make your own! I decided since this was my first time doing a tv show workout I would use one that I found online and see how easy / hard it was and than next time around I could alter it my own abilities.

My friend and I love watching Once Upon a Time and, though she is caught up on watching the current season and I’m not, we decided to pick up where she was and watch an episode from the new Frozen season!

Once-Upon-A-Time-Season-4-Poster-Frozen_2014-09-12_20-11-33We decided to use this workout plan I found online as a set plan for last nights episode. We found that we had to look some of the exercises up to make sure we were doing them correct but once we did that we were good to go!

Once Upon A Time Workout

I have to say the worst one for me was the burpees! I’ve done those before (a long time ago) when I took a stab at trying P-90X with a friend in Wilmington but that was years ago! I still need a lot of work to do these correct but at least I tried last night. My burpees looked nothing like this one pictured!!!


It took me twice as long to complete these and we found we had to pause the episode a few times so I could catch up. Definitely something I need to improve on!


As much as I did NOT like the burpees, everything else wasn’t bad! One thing I didn’t think about doing before the show started was stretching which is something I will do next time! I love the fact that you can pretty much find a workout for any TV show online OR you can make your own! I can see myself doing this more often in the near future!!!

Anyone ever done a TV show workout? 

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