Goals for November

4 Nov

I can’t believe it’s November already! Anyone else feeling like this year is going by way too fast?? I am happy that the holiday season is coming but I am not fond of winter weather! I am such a home body when it comes to the cold months… not great for my work out plan but it’s a work in progress.

I am thrilled to share that my goals for October went extremely well!

oct goals

  • No drinking soda (for the second month in a row!) – This has gotten easier as the weeks go on. I was really worried about giving up soda at the beginning, especially since I was drinking a lot of diet coke over the summer, but it’s always easier to give up something cold turkey. I’m proud that I have latest this long! I still have two bottles of diet coke in my fridge waiting to be opened but I haven’t gotten to them yet which is good!
  • No eating chips – This goal is also a really hard one for me to give up! Chips are my go-to food whenever I’m feeling low so this past month I found myself going to sweets instead of chips… that has to change! The only time I had chips in  October was the second day of the month when my friend and I went out to eat at a Mexican place and I forgot I gave up chips so ended up eating half the basic of complementary chips that came before the meal! whoops! The rest of the month went well though!
  • No ice cream – Having no ice cream this month wasn’t hard seeing as it was cold outside so there was no need to cool off with ice cream. I’ve found that over the past couple of years I haven’t had a huge craving for ice cream as it is so filling. I’d rather reach for italian ice or sherbet.

So all in all I would call October a win for my goals! I’ve really been thinking about my goals for November, which goals I want to keep and which ones I want to alter a bit. I still like the idea of no eating all this junk food so I’m definitely going to keep the base of each goal. Here’s what I’ve decided for November


  • No ice cream – This one was pretty easy for me and as the months get colder I feel like I won’t be craving ice cream as much.
  • No soda (*with an EXCEPTION) – Yes, I’ve decided to continue my no soda streak into November though I am making an exception this month. That box of Blueberry Pop is my exception! You folks from up north will understand the deliciousness that is Blueberry Pop! I can’t get it here in North Carolina so my parents will get me a case of it about once a year. I still have about 10 bottles of this amazing soda pop that I need to get through before my attempt at **spoiler alert* NO SODA 2015!
  • No chips – I will admit that I had chips on the first day of this month… I was camping this weekend and I was so excited that October was over and I could once again eat chips. I found myself continuously reaching into the bag for more which told me I should continue into a second month of not eating chips.

And here’s the grand finale of all goals…

  • ONE Starbucks Coffee a week! – Those of you who know me know that I have a slight (did I say slight?) addiction with Starbucks. This past month when I was browsing my Instagram account looking for a specific photo I realized just how many times I buy Starbucks … and how many photos of my coffee I take :P. Here’s to one a week!


I don’t think this month will be too hard. I want to continue cooking a lot of my own meals and eating healthier as well! With the holidays around the corner this will either be a hit or miss goal. Here’s to a hopeful November!

What are some of your goals this month?


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