CHS Students For South Sudan 5k / Color Run

30 Oct

Are you local and looking for a run that raises money for an amazing cause? Look no further and mark your calendars for November 15th! The students at Cary High School have put together a Color Run 5k to raise money for an educational system in the worlds newest county, South Sudan. image_1 In 2014 the students of Cary High school started to raise money for the education system in South Sudan. They are beginning their fundraises to purchase desk (locally made in South Sudan) for new schools. They have already raised half of their goal but still have a ways to go! Why would running this race make a difference? The money will go directly to Cary High Schools fundraises for South Sudan in assisting them to buy not only desks but also school supplies and library books. Why South Sudan?

  • Only 27% of people over the age of 15 can read and write, giving South Sudan thelowest literacy rate in the world.
  • According to UNICEF, “Close to 1,250,000 children eligible for primary school do not have access, with many existing schools not conducive to learning. Only 45 per cent of the 3,349 primary schools in South Sudan have access to safe water, and only 17 per cent have adequate latrines for both girls and boys.”

(Bullets pulled from their website HERE) This is a great way not only to donate to a great cause but also to get into shape! Who doesn’t love a color run?!?! image Go sign up today for this amazing 5k HERE ! Want to learn more about this organization or already got plans that day? It’s ok… you can learn more and donate HERE ! And make sure to follow them across the web!

  • Twitter: @CHS4SS
  • Instagram: @CHS4SS
  • Facebook: Students for South Sudan

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