Hemp Hearts Review

29 Oct

I was thrilled when I was asked to review Hemp Hearts on my blog! I had never tried them before and I’m always open to new foods so I was pretty excited to get these in the mail!


I certainly did my research on these even before receiving them in the mail since I had never read too much about them. The things I learned were amazing! I never knew that Hemp Hearts could hold so much nutrition and healthy habits for our body!

  • Hemp Hearts are beneficial to cardiovascular health and have also been indicated in helping to prevent type 2 diabetes.
  • Hemp Hearts are big aiders in digestion.
  • Hemp Hearts can help prevent weight gain.
  • They also boost energy levels.
  • Hemp Hearts help produce good skin and hair production as well as good bone and tooth density because of the calcium and the omega they contain.


When I first opened these I poured a bit into my hand wanting to try them on their own. They had a very familiar taste to them right away that I couldn’t place right there. A peanut or cashew kind of taste. Perhaps a mix between cashews and sunflower seeds. They actually tasted quite good on their own! I was surprised!

A few weeks ago I made falafel for dinner which was a great opportunity to use my hemp hearts as well! After the falafel was done I put them into pita bread with some hummus and sprinkled a small handful of hemp hearts right on time!


It gave just a hint of peanut / sunflower taste to it that made the meal so complete! I’ve also read that a lot of people add them into yogurt and cereal as well! I’ve been on a bit of a yogurt kick lately so I plan to try hemp hearts in my morning yogurt soon!


Have you ever tried Hemp Hearts? What dish should I try them with next?


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