I run 4 Sara!

22 Oct

Last year I found this organization called ‘I run 4’ which partners runners with those who have disabilities that keep them from doing some everyday activities. It took months but I was finally paired and here’s our story.


I’ve asked my buddy’s parents if I could write about her and post photos of her and they have given me permission. So I’d like to introduce you to my buddy, Sara!


March 1st, 2013, I received a message on Facebook from someone I didn’t know. Upon opening it I realized this person was introducing me to her daughter and saying, “thank you for wanting to run for people like my little girl” and how she was excited that she had finally been paired. I than realized that she was my ‘I run 4’ buddy and I was ecstatic!!! I continued to read the message as her mom told me, “Sara has Angelman syndrome and is our little Angel!” I had never heard of Angelman Syndrome before being paired with Sara but I’ve learned so much about it since than and it makes me more aware of what Sara and her family go through. Her mom continued to write that the doctors didn’t think she would be walking or talking but at almost two years old she was already pulling up on things and climbing though not quite walking yet.

Upon numerous occasions I’ve taken the time to research Angelman Syndrome to learn more, as I encourage everyone out there to do as well. It’s an disorder that can effect so many parts of your body though Sara is so strong she doesn’t seem like it gets the best of her at all!


Sara and her family participated in their first 5k a few weeks ago! I am so incredibly proud of them! On her mom’s bib she even wrote, ‘Rachel runs 4 Sara’ which made my heart completely overjoyed that they thought of me during their run!


It’s so amazing what kind of bond you can make with someone who lives states away from you and you’ve never met and yet they encourage you in all you do everyday! While I was in Australia a few months ago I bought her a t-shirt and mailed it when I returned to the US. Her mom than sent me this photo of her wearing it extremely happy!

IMG_4827I may not know much about Angelman Syndrome and I may not have met this little one face-to-face (yet) but her AND her family are incredible for encouraging me in all I do!

If you are a runner and are looking for even more motivation to get out there and train, I highly encourage you to sign up for a running buddy! It’s absolutely FREE to sign up and I guarantee that it will so be worth it when you get matched with someone! Check out the Facebook page HERE to sign up for a buddy!

2 Responses to “I run 4 Sara!”

  1. bananamum November 30, 2014 at 16:45 #

    My daughter is on the I run 4 page she has an amazing runner and as the mother of a disabled child it’s amazing knowing that someone is out there running for our children x

    • run50states November 30, 2014 at 21:49 #

      Thanks for the comment! I love running for my buddy! It’s amazing how much encouragement you can receive from someone you’ve never met. A fantastic group!

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