10 Things That Make me Happy

23 Sep

photo 1

1. Spending time with my family!

I am very much a family person and our family is pretty close. Some of my favorite times with my family are when we are playing board games together or telling classic corny jokes at the dinner table! My favorite!

2. Trying new foods

photo 4

… and even better cooking new foods makes me so happy! Being a vegetarian it’s sometimes hard to find and cook ‘new meals’ but lately I have been all over cooking! A few nights ago I helped a friend make spaghetti squash and last night I cooked a tofu dish for my family! I’ve never been much of a cook but I’m trying to be healthier these days and love the thought of cooking from scratch instead of micro meals.

3. A good night in with friends

I enjoy the occasional night out but as of lately I have really just liked being a home body chilling with friends while watching movies. Especially love it in the winter when we can have a fire going as well and a nice glass of wine to enjoy!

4. Accomplishing running goals

Minor goals… Long term goals… any goals… if I accomplish any running goal I am so proud of myself!

5. A good book

I don’t read as much as I’d like to but I highly enjoy soaking up the warm weather outside in the spring getting pulled into a good book.

6. The Holidays

The music, the decorations, the snow… who doesn’t like the holidays?!?!

7. Walking

Don’t get me wrong, I love my runs too but sometimes a nice stroll in beautiful weather is just what you need to relax and take everything in.

8. Blogging

It makes me happy that I am able to share my fitness experience with others and get the feedback from them that I do. This makes me extremely happy!

9. Traveling


I took the month of May to travel to New Zealand & Australia and realized that I just want to travel forever! How great would that be? So many places in the world that I would love to go to… it will happen one day! I am sure of it!

10. New running outfits

I mean really… who doesn’t get excited about new running gear?!?!

Repost with TEN things that make you extremely happy and comment below saying you did!


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